'Frozen' still dominates at the international box office

By Chelsea Lewis ,

It appears that Disney's animated family feature film Frozen is unstoppable at the box office. The film is continuing to do well in Asia and in Japan, making $29.4 million since it opened ten days ago in Japan.

$8.5 million of the $29.5 million was made over the weekend in Japan, The Hollywood Reporter added.

With these box office numbers Frozen has become the largest opening for Disney in Japan this year. Disney Studios in Japan are forecasting the film to top that of Toy Story 3 at the box office and becoming the biggest-ever opening for an animated feature film in the Japanese movie market.

It took Toy Story 3 12 days to make $105 million in Japan. These numbers are based off of current exchange rates.

Frozen has broken many records, including some in South Korea and broke a DVD record already in the United States. Gold Derby reported that Frozen has become the best selling children's film in one day.

The film was released on Tuesday in the United States and sold 3.2 million units nationwide on that day alone.



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