Gambler sues Las Vegas casino for the $500,000 he lost, says he was blackout drunk

By Erica Albanese,

A businessman is suing a Las Vegas casino for the $500,000 he lost while gambling during Super Bowl Weekend, claiming that he was blackout drunk and the casino over served him.

According to the NY Daily News, Mark Johnston, a 52-year-old businessman from Southern California is suing the Downtown Grand casino for continuously serving him drinks and letting him borrow money to gamble with.

Johnston says he was extremely intoxicated while playing the games pai gow and blackjack. He started drinking in the limo from the Las Vegas airport to the Grand, continued to drink at dinner with his friends, and reached a stage of blackout drunk.

The lawsuit states that upon arriving at the casino, Johnston gambled for about 17 hours while consuming 20 or more comped drinks, reports the LA Times.

He claims to have been so drunk that he couldn’t even read his cards. Johnston’s attorneys plan to use footage and eyewitnesses to prove that he was intoxicated.

The law in Nevada states that casinos are not allowed to let people gamble if they are visibly too drunk, nor give them free drinks.

“It's certainly an extraordinary case. This is not a story that I've ever heard before, where someone was blackout intoxicated where they couldn't read their cards, and yet a casino continued to serve them drinks and issue them more markers," Johnston’s attorney, Sean Lyttle said. "It's a very heavy-handed and unusual approach that we haven't seen in this town in a long time."

Image: By David_Vasquez (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



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