'Game of Thrones' showrunners signed for two more seasons

By Daniel S Levine,

With the kind of success Game of Thrones has had for HBO, it makes sense that the show’s creative talents will get to run the show on their own terms. While George R.R. Martin continues writing the story of Westeros in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, David Benioff and Dan Weiss will continue to oversee the show.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the duo were both signed for two more seasons, a clear sign that the show will be be living past season four. HBO hasn’t officially renewed the show for a fifth and sixth season, but it remains the network’s most popular (and pirated) show on the air.

“I’ve read a lot of scripts. David and Dan are not just good, they are exceptional writers. Their scripts are as dazzling as anything I’ve ever read,” HBO programming president Michael Lombardo told EW on Friday.

It’s pretty clear that locking up the duo is the best move for HBO. They recently told Vanity Fair that they know how the series will end, even if Martin hasn’t finished writing the books.

“If you know the ending, then you can lay the groundwork for it. And so we want to know how everything ends,” Benioff told the magazine.

GoT returns to HBO April 6.

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