Gaza militants fire rockets at Israel during talks of truce

By Kyle Johnson,

Gaza militants fired rockets at Israel, even as a truce was announced on Thursday, and a day after Israel sent warplanes to hit Palestinian targets over a previous rocket salvo.

Seven of the nine rockets exploded upon empty terrain, reports Haaretz, while two other missiles were successfully shot down by Iron Dome missile defense batteries. The missile attack came as Islamic Jihad had announced a truce.

Khaled al-Batsh said in a statement on Facebook, "Following intensive Egyptian contacts and efforts, the agreement for calm has been restored in accordance with understandings reached in 2012 in Cairo."

The truce put together by Egyptian intelligence officials was denied by the Israeli army.

Just a day ago, in response to earlier firing of rockets, Israel sent in warplanes to hit 29 targets, according to AFP. An Israeli military statement said, "In response to the massive rocket attack that hit Israel earlier this evening, the Israel Air Force targeted 29 terror sites in the Gaza Strip."

Army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner added that the sites they targeted were ones where terrorists were known to train and plan out their attacks. "They will not be permitted to conspire in the safety of their terrorist temples."



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