“General Hospital” weekly recap – Week of 2/24-2/28

By Sari N. Kent,
Ava told Carlos to take AJ out, Rafe Jr. told Alexis that he saw Molly and TJ going up to a hotel room at The Metro Court, Ric surprised Molly and Alexis when they got home, Sonny and Ric came face-to-face, Robin said goodbye to her friends and family and AJ finally remembered that he didn’t kill Connie…Ava did!

At the office, Shawn informed Sonny that Julian’s operation has been funded by Barrett Enterprises for years. Sonny didn't think Brenda had anything to do with this and Sonny figured it must be her sister, Julia. Shawn suggested that he give Brenda a call. "That's problematic for more than one reason," Sonny said. He then gave Shawn a brief summary of everything that happened with Brenda, but Shawn still thought he should give her a call. He then left Sonny alone to do it, Sonny made the call and learned from Brenda that Julia sold her stake in the company years ago. He and Shawn then wondered who could have taken over and why they would have it in for him.

Rafe Jr. walked into The Metro Court and spotted Molly and TJ making out in the hall. He guessed why they were there. TJ told him to mind his own business and herded Molly into the elevator and then headed to their room. She wished things weren't so weird with Rafe Jr. They ordered room service as Molly kept staring at the bed. Eventually, she decided to get changed. She came out in a red negligee and he told her she was beautiful. They made out and she said she was ready.

Down in the lobby, Michael and Kiki argued about the Franco situation. Rafe Jr. interrupted, told her he’d rather skip dinner and that he would see her later. After he left, Michael and Kiki wondered where their relationship stood. He wanted an apology. She groaned and then shot back that he owed her an apology. Michael then lectured her for lying to him. They then discussed her moving back in. She didn't think it was the right move right now and it seemed to both of them that they really didn't know each other as well as they thought they did. "Are you breaking up with me?" he wondered. She told Michael that she loved him but thought they needed some distance. Kiki then promised to call him and left.

Julian and Alexis were at her place playing with Danny. He talked about how important Sam, Lucas and Danny were to him. Alexis then mentioned that he omitted Ava from the list. He then got evasive and they then put Danny to sleep. Before he left, he turned and they began making out. He lifted her up into his arms and was about to take her into the bedroom when Rafe Jr. interrupted. "Molly's not here," Alexis told him, in a breathless voice. He replied that he just caught Rafe and Molly getting a room at The Metro Court. Alexis then went into panic mode and headed for the door. Julian tried to stop her by saying that this was what kids do and what they did at their age. Alexis replied that she didn’t want Molly doesn't to get pregnant like she did. Julian insisted on coming too. Once they were gone, Rafe Jr. looked at a picture of Molly and hoped she would Molly realize that TJ wasn't the right guy for her. Then, Ric showed up at the door.

At The Metro Court, Alexis and Julian started banging on Molly and TJ's hotel room door. TJ answered the door, shirtless and exclaimed, "Miss Davis!"

AJ was getting drunk in the graveyard and yelled for Connie's ghost.. She reappeared and reminded him that she wasn’t real and didn't have any answers, but did point out that he must not be buying Ava's story if he kept on seeing her.

Ava met with Carlos at a bar. He worried that he'd walked into a trap. She assured him she had plans for him and explained that someone had been bankrolling Julian's operation for years. He was surprised to hear she was making a move against her brother. Then, AJ stumbled in and began demanding answers from Ava. Carlos walked away and Ava repeated that she saw him with the gun and Connie dead on the floor. He said again that he was sure there was more. Ava then reminded him that she protected him and that he needed to let it go... or she would tell Michael what she knew. This upset AJ and he started yelling until Carlos dragged him out. Carlos then wondered why AJ was bugging Ava about Connie. "It's not like you killed her," he said. After seeing the look on her face, he wondered if she really did.

At home, Emma refused to accept Robin's excuses for leaving. Robin then wandered into her bedroom and told Patrick. He sympathized with Emma. "You have to let me go," she said. He said that he knew he had to but wasn’t happy about it. He started to help her pack but couldn’t because they didn’t know where she was going but, Robin didn't want to pack. She told Patrick that she just wanted to spend time with him. Then, he began to cry and refused to pretend that things were fine. Robin worried that he didn't love her anymore. He replied that he still loved her so she asked him to help her make a memory she could take away with her. They got undressed and somberly made love. Afterward., she promised that she would come back someday.

Sam and Silas went to Ryan’s Bar in New York to see Ava’s mother, Delia. They told her how Ava was setting Silas up to take the fall for his wife’s attempted murder, and she agreed to help with no hesitation. She explained that Ava didn’t want anything to do with her after she found out she was a Jerome and wouldn’t let her see her granddaughter so she had no problem helping them nail her. Silas then offered to help connect Delia with Kiki and she was ecstatic. Sam and Silas then explained that they think the pharmacist Nakamura lied for Ava and that he has a weakness for beautiful blondes, so Sam set up a dating profile for Delia on the dating web site Nakamura belonged to. They told Delia that they needed her to go on a date with Nakamura and get him to admit on tape he was in the cahoots with Ava to frame Silas. "Let’s do this thing," Delia replied. Sam stepped away and Delia asked Silas why he didn’t get a divorce. Sam returned before he could answer. Nakamura took the bait and Delia set a date to meet him at Ryan’s the next night. Delia then told Sam and Silas, that if Ava was guilty of trying to murder his wife, then prison was where she belonged.

TJ and Molly’s make out session in the hotel room was interrupted by a knock at the door. TJ thought it was room service, but it was really Alexis and Julian. "Where is my daughter?" demanded Alexis. She pushed past a shirtless TJ and found Molly in the bed. She demanded Molly come with her but Molly refused. Alexis then found the condoms and Molly pointed out that having them meant they were going to be safe – unlike Alexis was with Julian in the back seat of a car. Alexis really blew up after that. TJ tried to say something, but Julian wisely advised to stay silent. Alexis then screamed for Molly to get her clothes on and left with her immediately. TJ begged Alexis not to be mad at Molly. TJ and Molly told each other that they loved each other before Molly left with Alexis. After they were gone, Julian hung back for a little chat with TJ about the shootout. He wanted TJ to go and tell Anna exactly who shot whom at the warehouse. He then said that he was sorry for busting up his night and told TJ that maybe “in a couple years you’ll get another shot.”

Ric Lansing knocked on Alexis’ door. Rafe Jr. recognized him as Molly’s father and let him in. Ric wondered when Alexis and Molly would be back but Rafe Jr. said that he wasn’t sure. Ric told him that he hadn’t been in town for a while and was ready to surprise them. Rafe Jr. then went to comfort a crying Danny as Alexis and Molly came in screaming at each other. They were shocked to see Ric and Molly gave him a hug. He commented that she wasn’t a little girl anymore and she asked him to tell that to Alexis. He then wanted to know why they were yelling at each other and Alexis told him what happened. Then, Molly and Alexis started fighting all over again and Alexis couldn’t believe it when Ric took Molly’s side. Then, Ric and Alexis began fighting and Rafe Jr. emerged. Molly realized that was the one who told Alexis where she was. She then accused Rafe Jr. of turning into a “nasty little weasel” as he left and stormed off to her room. Alexis then asked Ric what he was doing back in Port Charles and he said that he was there to see Molly.

Olivia delivered room service to Sonny in his office. All his favorites complete with a cannoli. They bantered a bit as she tried to get him to unwind. "You always know what I need," he told her. As he ate, she found the file on Barrett Enterprises on his desk. He told her that he was trying to find out the identity of Julian’s backer and that Brenda didn’t know who her sister had sold the company to but Olivia was still wary to trust Brenda’s word. Sonny hoped Ava could give him some insight. Olivia said that she didn’t trust Ava either, but Sonny said that he was coming around since the info she gave him on Julian was checking out. Yet, he then told Olivia that something she said that AJ wasn’t sorry for killing Connie. He then added that if it was the last thing he did, he would make AJ pay for killing Connie.

At The Floating Rib, Ava promised Carlos the whole story behind the night Connie was killed if he bought another round. Ava told him that she was at The Metro Court the night Connie was killed, to see Julian, who everyone still thought was Derek Wells. She saw a drunken AJ when she got off the elevator, that he dropped a gun and took off so she thought AJ might have killed Julian. She called out for Julian, but it was Connie in the office. Connie then figured out Julian Jerome was Derek Wells and was in town to get Sonny. Connie then picked up the phone to call Sonny and Ava shot her with AJ’s gun. The "AJ" written in blood stood for Ava Jerome NOT AJ. Ava put AJ’s prints on the gun when she found him at the Quartermaines then tossed the gun by the boathouse. But, Ava then told Carlos that AJ is starting to remember and she can’t risk Sonny finding out the truth. So, she asked Carlos to kill AJ.

Carly hobbled into Franco’s hospital room and told him that Michael and Morgan have been there for her. Franco told Carly that she didn’t have to force Michael to see him, that he had earned the right to hate him and he (Franco) wouldn’t get in the way. Carly then repeated something Franco said to her in the catacombs - "We’re going to make it." Franco also remembered telling Carly that he loved her but her not saying it back. He promised to keep being the person she could count on and maybe one day she’d love him back. "I do love you," she said. Then, they kissed.

Nathan answered his door in just a towel. It was Kiki, there answering the ad about the sublet, but considering it was Nathan, she couldn’t live with the man who had arrested her. She then moved to leave, but he asked her to stay and talk about Silas. She replied that she had nothing to say because she believed that Silas was innocent. Nathan gave her Silas’ file and offered to get dressed while she looked over it, then she could decide if he was innocent. After reading it, Kiki told him that his file didn’t prove anything and that Silas and Sam were in New York trying to clear his name. He was intrigued and she told him to forget she said anything and stormed out. Once she was gone, Nathan called someone to tell them Silas was in New York.

Carlos called Ava from outside the Quartermaine main house with AJ in his sights. Ava told him to make it look like a robbery gone wrong. Carlos peeked inside and saw that Michael had joined AJ. Ava told him to wait until Michael left, then kill AJ. Inside, Michael told AJ that he and Kiki weren’t living together anymore. He thought Morgan and Ava even know each other better than him and Kiki. AJ thought they could work it out. Michael told AJ that he knew it’s been tough for him since the trial and that when he drank he wasn’t the person Michael knew. Instead, he was angry and destructive. Michael then told AJ that the night Connie died Ava even had to help Michael get AJ on the couch. AJ was surprised to hear Ava was at the house. Then, Michael left and Carlos got ready outside.

Ava worked on her alibi by visiting a shocked Delia at Ryan’s. She told her mom to take a load off but was shocked Delia declines. Delia then went off to the side and tried to call Silas and Sam to warn them that Ava was there, but they are too busy having sex to answer. She left a message that they had to ditch the whole plan. Delia then joined Ava at her table and asks for a picture of her granddaughter, Kiki. Ava agreed to send her one then commented that Delia kept looking at the door.

Sam and Silas snuggled in the hotel bed, excited to prove his innocence. Neither one of them thought it would be so easy to get Delia on their side. Sam wasn’t entirely sure they could trust her, but Silas thought Delia seemed sincere. They then decided they have enough time for another round of lovemaking. Later, Sam saw Delia’s missed call.

Ava followed Delia from her table to the bar at Ryan’s so her back was to the door as Sam walked in.

Sonny went to Kelly’s and asked Shawn if he had found out who the backer to Barrett Enterprises was. Shawn told Sonny that whoever it was, wants badly to stay hidden. Then, TJ joined them and told them about Julian’s threats that he go to the cops and tell Anna what really happened at rhe warehouse. Sonny promised to take care of it. Later, Shawn asked TJ where he saw Julian and TJ admitted that he was getting a hotel room at The Metro Court with Molly and Julian showed up with Alexis. Shawn didn’t think TJ did anything wrong since he and Molly love each other and promised to talk to Alexis.

Julian showed up to check on Alexis at home. She told him about the surprise arrival of Molly’s long lost father, Ric Lansing. Julian looked nervous and asked what Ric said he was doing here. Alexis replied that he said that he was back in town to see Molly but she thought Ric had another agenda. Julian then ignored a call from someone and wondered if Ric’s appearance was less about Molly and more about the two of them. Alexis didn’t think so, left to take Molly to school and asked Julian to watch Danny until he got back. Later, Shawn knocked on the door and Julian answered.

Olivia knocked on Ric’s hotel room door looking for the ID of the guest. She was shocked to see Ric and wanted to know why he was back in town. He told her that he was back to see Molly but she didn’t buy it. She then told Ric not to get too comfortable. Once outside his room, Olivia called Sonny and told him to get to The Metro Court immediately. When he got there, she told him that Ric was back. She then gave him her skeleton key and asked him to be careful. Sonny then let himself in and came face-to-face with Ric.

In the GH elevator Robin told Patrick that Nikolas didn’t understand why she was leaving. Then, the door opened and Sabrina was there. She pointed out that Patrick missed the baby appointment, Patrick apologized and Robin excused herself. Sabrina then asked Patrick if everything was okay and he told her that Robin was leaving for Africa, alone. Sabrina couldn’t believe Robin could leave her family right after she got them back. She then asked if it had to do with the baby, but Patrick assured her that it didn’t.

Meanwhile, Luke told Tracy that he was ready to go home and signed the release though Tracy wanted a second opinion. Carly then hobbled up and Tracy yelled at her for forgetting about Luke finding her. Carly apologized and admitted that being buried alive had her a little scattered. Luke stuck up for Carly and Tracy accused him of still being high. He insisted that he was just tired and wanted to go home.

Robin ran into Carly. Carly thanked Robin for doing everything she could to save Jason and thought Jason would like it if they could get along. Robin then told her that wouldn’t be possible because she was leaving. Carly couldn’t believe what Robin was doing to her family and took back wanting to be civil since Robin was “the same self-absorbed martyr you have always been.” Robin shot back that Carly would worship her if she knew the real reason she was leaving. Carly then wanted an explanation for Robin’s odd comment, but Patrick appeared and told her to lay off. He told Carly that she should know better than anyone not to judge without knowing the whole story. Carly then said that Patrick deserved better and hobbled away. Once she was gone, Robin thanked Patrick for having her back.

Sonny walked into Ric’s room at The Metro Court. He insisted that Ric continue on with his phone call since he was sure it was important. Ric said that he was trying to call Molly, who was the reason he was in town. Sonny knew that wasn’t the real reason Ric was in town, but Ric replied that his bad days were over. He then held out his hand but Sonny wouldn’t shake it. Sonny told Ric to think twice about getting close to him since there was a new game in town after him, Julian Jerome. He then told Ric how Julian lured Morgan to his side by threatening his family. Ric replied that he wasn’t worried about Julian coming after him since he’s been up against some serious adversaries and was still okay. Sonny thought maybe Ric has only been lucky until now. Sonny then asked Ric how long he’ll be in town. "Maybe long enough for you to reconsider that handshake," he replied.

Julian answered Alexis’ door. It was Shawn, and he pushed himself in. Julian said he knew that Shawn couldn’t touch him because it would make Danny vulnerable, but Alexis walked in just as Shawn was about to punch Julian. She asked Shawn to leave but before he did, he told her to keep Julian from threatening TJ. Julian explained to Alexis that he only encouraged TJ tell the cops the truth about what happened at the warehouse and how Sonny and Shawn were going to kill his associate Carlos. Before he left, Shawn asked Alexis not to hold the hotel room incident against TJ. Later, Alexis thought Julian only told her part of the truth and she asked him too to leave. Once outside, he called someone and told them it was time for them to meet face-to-face.

At Ryan’s, Ava wondered why Delia was trying to get rid of her. Sam snuck back out before Ava saw her. Ava got distracted by Delia’s wild gestures to Sam and knocked over her drink. Delia told her to go dry off in the bathroom and then ran outside to chat with Sam. Delia came up with a plan to make Ava disappear before Silas and Nakamura showed up. Delia then ran back in and asked Ava to float her a loan, just a couple thousand bucks. It worked and Ava stormed out and Sam, Silas and Delia decided to go ahead with their plan. Delia was sure Nakamura would be putty in her hands once she shook her “tail feather.” Then, Delia got a call and told Silas and Sam that Nakamura wasn’t coming because he was dead.

AJ put his hands up as Carlos entered the Quartermaine main house, masked and armed. Carlos instructed AJ to get on his knees. AJ offered the safe, and anything else, but Carlos said that he wanted him on the ground. Then, Tracy and Luke came in. Luke smashed Carlos’ head with a vase and chased him off before he could retrieve his gun, which he dropped. AJ then told them that the masked man seemed intent on killing him. Luke then asked who would want him dead. AJ was sure it was Sonny’s handiwork, but Luke didn’t think Sonny would go back on his word to Michael not to kill AJ but AJ disagreed. Luke then left to go talk to Sonny. Tracy agreed with Luke and while they waited for the police, asked AJ to think about anyone else who might want him dead.

Carlos surprised Sabrina at GH and asked to be stitched up off the books. She didn’t want to at first but then relented and left to get help. Meanwhile, Ava called Carlos, who told her that their plan hit a snag.

At Kelly’s, Shawn told Sonny about his run-in with Julian. Sonny told Shawn that he knew he was frustrated but he thought he knew who was bankrolling Julian... his brother, Ric.

Later, Sonny found Lulu in his new office. She told him how much his support has meant to her. He replied that he was thankful to her for making Dante so happy. She then told him about Dante being a father after all. He replied that he already knew and that it was a shock. Lulu then gave Sonny a “World's Best Grandpa” mug as a present and said she was happy for him and Olivia. He then asked her how she was doing with all this. She smiled and chatted up a storm about how natural of a father Dante was, but Sonny said that wasn’t what he asked. He wanted to know how she felt about Dante having a child that wasn’t hers. She replied that she found it awkward and had to accept that Ben was Dante's son and not hers. Sonny wanted her to learn to love Ben as if he was her own. She then leaned in and admitted that a part of her already did.

Anna and Dante arrived at the Quartermaine main house. He shouted to them that somebody wanted him dead. They thought it was a burglary gone wrong but AJ insisted that it wasn't. Anna took a call from Patrick and took off as AJ told Dante that he blamed Sonny. They argued and then AJ realized that someone else wanted him dead, but he still asked Dante to question his father. Dante left and AJ pounded back more booze and flashed to the night Connie died and leaving her office with her still alive. He then dropped his glass and said out loud, "I didn't shoot her! Connie was still alive when I left." Then, he realized that Ava killed Connie.

Carlos scares Ava at her place. She wants to know what went down while she was in New York. He tells her he made his move and was about to shoot 'him' when somebody hit him over the head. He ran off, leaving his gun behind. Ava looks uneasy and calls him unprofessional. He shrugs. He can take care of himself. She's only worried this can be traced back to her. He's sorry. She fixes him a drink and he asks if she still wants AJ dead. She denies that. She can't risk AJ remembering the night Connie died. She needs to come up with another alibi. She'll be in contact when the time is right. He goes and AJ arrives.

At Ryan's, Delia gasped. Nakamura wasn’t coming. Silas and Sam asked why. "He's dead," Delia replied. Then, Nathan walked in. He said that he was the one who called and introduced himself to Delia. Silas then accused Nathan of stalking him. Nathan then told them that Nakamura overdosed on a medication he’d taken for years and he blamed Silas. The ladies defended Silas even though Delia admitted that he wasn't with them the whole time. Silas replied that he was with a patient. Nathan latched on to this but Silas accuses Ava of killing Nakamura and Nathan agreed to speak to her. They then talked about Nina and Silas told Nathan that he tried to see her for years but her parents wouldn't allow it. Nathan shot back that he'd have done anything to see his wife. Then, he left and Delia asked Silas if he knocked off Nakamura and Silas asked if Sam believed he was innocent him. She said that he did. Then, Silas said that he needed to find a way to see Nina right away.

At Kelly’s, Britt was ecstatic when baby Ben ate two whole French fries. Then, Nikolas suggested to Britt about throwing an engagement party at Wyndemere. Britt replied that she didn’t really have friends and family to invite but Nikolas said that his friends were hers now. Baby Ben gurgled and Britt asked if that included Elizabeth. Nikolas then assured Britt that Elizabeth had agreed to put the baby drama behind them. Britt then asked if that were true, why Elizabeth stopped by Wyndemere last night. Nikolas then flashed to Elizabeth confessing her love for him.

At GH, Robin felt sad for Elizabeth when she told her how things went when she told Nikolas how she felt, but Elizabeth said that she glad to have gotten her feelings out. Robin then told Elizabeth that she was leaving Port Charles. Elizabeth was shocked and asked, “Why now and why so soon after you came back?” Robin replied that she couldn't explain but assured Elizabeth that if she knew the reason, she'd support her. Elizabeth then said that she trusted Robin…no questions asked and then they hugged. Then, Anna showed up to confront Robin. Elizabeth left them alone. Robin then told Anna that she was sorry. That she couldn't explain it all and asked her mother to believe in her. Anna then started to cry and decided to support her daughter's decision. They wept together and flashbacked to a time when they had found their way back to one another in the past. They'll do it again, Robin told Anna. "It's not goodbye, it's see ya later," Robin mused and hugged her mother.

Back at Kelly’s, Elizabeth walked in as Britt was asking Nikolas why Elizabeth was at Wyndemere. Nikolas replied that she was there to congratulate them on their engagement. Britt thanked her insincerely and then took Ben and left. Inside, Elizabeth thanked him for not telling the truth to Britt because she was embarrassed. He replied that he wasn’t. He added that they were still friends and even though it might be awkward but she was stuck with him.

Dante showed up at Sonny's office. Lulu gave them time alone and Dante told him about AJ’s accusation. He then asked Sonny have anything to do with the masked man trying to kill AJ?

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