“General Hospital” weekly recap – Week of 3/10-3/14

By Sari N. Kent,
Tracy talked to Kevin about Luke’s odd behavior, Luke made inappropriate advances toward Kiki, AJ woke up briefly and cleared Julian of shooting him but then went into cardiac arrest. Carlos swore to Sabrina that he didn’t shoot AJ, Britt told her mother about her engagement to Nikolas, Lulu dreamt that she was Ben’s mother and Donna Mills debuts as Silas’ wife, Nina’s mother, Madeline.

At the Quartermaine main house, Tracy was concerned about Luke’s newfound callousness and wondered what happened to him while he was locked up with Scott at Miscavige. When Luke returned, Tracy was gone, but he uncorked a bottle of champagne anyway. Then, Kiki entered and Luke recognized her as "Mikey’s main squeeze." He offered her a mimosa, which she gulped down. She then told Luke she and Michael were taking a step back. Luke said that he was glad, put his hand on her thigh and told her that she was much too young for one man. Kiki jumped up and Luke finally told her that Michael was at GH because AJ had been shot. She was upset that he didn’t say anything sooner and left. Once he was alone, Luke laughed.

Kevin tried to get intimate with Lucy in his office but she put him off. He asked if she was distracted because of Scott’s time at Miscavige, but she assured him that Scott wasn’t on her mind. Then, Tracy burst in, worried about Luke. Lucy left hastily so they could talk. Tracy then told Kevin how Monica had just found out AJ had been shot and how Luke was brutal to her. She then told him that she was worried that Heather’s goons pumped him full of drugs. Kevin told her that there were no trace of hallucinogens in Luke’s bloodstream and offered to talk to Scott. Tracy then suggested that Lucy might be more than a friend to Scott, but Kevin replied that he was sure he had nothing to worry about.

At home, Scott thought about Lucy. He assumed it was her when there was a knock, but it was Franco. Scott told him that he was concerned about him, but Franco assured him that he was fine. Franco then told Scott that he believed he had feelings for Lucy and offered to be a sounding board. Scott was about to share his feelings when Lucy arrived. She saw Franco was there and didn’t want to interrupt but Franco gladly left the two of them alone. Scott then asked Lucy to leave before they ended up in bed together again. She wondered if that would be so terrible. Scott then told her that he didn’t want to be the side guy, he wanted to be the only guy and that Lucy had to choose. She promised to make a decision soon and opened the door to leave just as Kevin was about to knock. She stammered over why she was there then asked him why he was there. Kevin then told Scott that he wanted to talk about Luke.

Carly and Sonny bickered outside AJ’s hospital room. She demanded to know if Sonny had broken his promise to Michael and shot AJ. He thought that was rich considering she couldn’t stay away from the man who caused Michael to be raped. She shot back that she could tell by his avoidance at her question that he did shoot AJ. Inside AJ’s hospital room, Monica found Michael keeping vigil and told him that his parents were outside. Michael joined them and asked them what they were talking about. Sonny told him that Julian was found standing over AJ’s body with a gun. Carly then gave Sonny the side eye while he comforted Michael. Michael wondered what possible motivation Julian would have for shooting AJ. Carly left as Kiki rushed in. She told him she was always there for him no matter what. He asked how she found out and she told him that she had a really weird run-in with Luke, but brushed it off and asked how he was. Then, he told her how he and Morgan have been bonding lately, how AJ was stable but still might not make it. She told him to have faith in his dad. Back inside, Monica begs G-d to bring AJ back to her and then AJ opened his eyes.

Anna found Duke in Sonny’s office and asked him where his boss was last night when someone tried to kill AJ. He told her that they were working at the warehouse, just the two of them. She didn’t believe him and worried what will happen if he had to testify under oath. She just couldn’t condone him working for Sonny but admitted that she had no evidence and was holding another suspect; Julian. Then, Sonny entered and Anna asked him if he was working with Duke last night. He agreed that he was. She replied that he was still a suspect and left. Once they were alone, Sonny appreciated Duke’s back up. Duke told him that he didn’t have all the facts when Sonny asked him, but now he did. He then told Sonny that he knows he shot AJ.

Back at the Quartermaine main house, Luke did some internet shopping for himself. When Tracy returned, he pretended he was shopping for her and apologized for what had said to Monica, asked for forgiveness and she gave it. Then, he asked her where she was and she told him him that she was just running an errand.

Ric shook Julian’s hand through his jail cell and told him everything was in place. Then, Anna arrived and commented they looked thick as thieves. She then told Ric that she’d seen his lengthy criminal history. Ric asked her to release his client but she reminded him that they found Julian standing over the body with a gun. Ric knew that wasn’t enough to hold Julian and accused Anna of holding a grudge. She then replied that she would release Julian as soon as he told her who he was with when the crime was committed. She then called to her office and Julian asked Ric for the plan.

At home, Alexis fought with Molly about living with Ric. Molly thought Alexis was overreacting and Ric would see that she wasn’t a little girl anymore. Alexis wondered if Molly knew what kind of people Ric associated with. Molly called Alexis out on her hypocrisy but Alexis wouldn’t budge. Molly then screamed "You suck!" before stomping off to her room. Then, Ric arrived. "Bad time?" he asked Alexis. Then, he apologized for not coming to her first about Molly living with him, but he was there now to tell her he was taking Julian’s case. Later, Alexis realized Molly was gone.

At Kelly’s, TJ told Shawn that Molly wanted to move out of Alexis’ house, but before he could explain, Shawn took a call from Sonny. Later, Shawn told TJ that Molly couldn’t move in with them. TJ then told Shawn that she was moving in with Ric. TJ could tell that Shawn didn’t like the guy, but Shawn didn’t tell him why. He then asked TJ to lock up and left. Later, Molly joined TJ and told him that Alexis refused to let her move in with Ric.

Sonny called Shawn from his office and told him that Duke was backing up his alibi for AJ’s shooting. Then, Olivia arrived but didn’t overhear them. She told him it was an open and shut case against Julian and that AJ got what he deserved for killing Connie in cold blood, but why would Julian want to kill AJ? Michael thought AJ was safe because Sonny promised not to kill him and then someone else comes in and tried to kill him? Then, Shawn arrived and told Sonny that Ric was Julian’s lawyer. Sonny then told them both that Ric had funding Julian’s entire operation for years. Olivia reassured Sonny that Michael knew he was there for him and went back to work.

Carly got off the elevator at GH with a stack of coffees. Felix helped her and they talked about how hard AJ’s shooting was on Michael and Felix thought he was lucky to have Carly. She sensed something was wrong and he admitted that he couldn’t get over Brad. He then told her that Brad had slept with someone else and Felix felt betrayed even though they never said they were exclusive and Felix thought he might be too old fashioned. Carly didn’t think there was anything wrong with going slow. She then dogged out whatever random guy Brad had slept with and Felix told her that his name was Lucas Jones. Surprised, Carly told Felix that was her brother. She hoped that Felix would at least talk to Brad if he thought there was something left to salvage. He agreed to do so and left to track down Brad.

In AJ’s room, Monica begged G-d to bring AJ back to her and then he opened his eyes. Monica emerged from the room and told Michael and Kiki that AJ was awake! After the doctors checked him out Michael badgered AJ for info about who shot him. He asked if it was Julian and AJ grunted out "No." Then, AJ started seizing and Monica ushered everyone out of the room just as Anna and Carly arrived. Monica told them that AJ had an aneurism and she didn’t know if he’d be okay. Later, Kiki told Anna that AJ said Julian wasn’t the shooter. Meanwhile, Carly called Sonny and told him the same thing.

Brad spotted Lucas at Kelly’s, and asked him to join him. Lucas accepted and talked about his life in Seattle. He told him that he loved it there, but it never occurred to him that he had stayed there because no one knew about his infamous family. He then told Brad about Julian being arrested for shooting AJ. Lucas couldn’t believe he had fallen for Julian's lies and ever considered having a relationship with him. Brad wondered if Julian might be innocent since his story was so ludicrous it had to be true. Wouldn’t Julian, a professional, have done a better job? Brad then asked Lucas if he was willing to take a chance on his dad if he was innocent? Lucas replied that he didn’t know what he wanted. He then changed the subject and asked Brad about his boyfriend. Brad then told Lucas that things were over between him and Felix. Then, Lucas suggested they give what they had another shot. Felix walked in just in time to see them kiss. Brad introduced them, then followed Felix outside. Felix then told Brad that he hoped things worked out with Lucas and then left, sad.

Anna returned to Julian’s cell and told him and Ric that AJ was awake and had cleared Julian.

At home, Alexis left a voicemail for Molly. Then, Julian showed up and explained that he had been cleared of shooting AJ. He then sauntered in with gardenias, which were Alexis’ favorite flower. She thanked him for the flowers, but told him that she was busy worrying about Molly and sent him away. "One day you'll run out of reasons to throw me out," he told her as he left. Then, Sam arrived moments later and filled Alexis in about what had happened in New York with Silas and Ava. Alexis guessed that meant that Ava couldn't have shot AJ. Sam was further startled when she heard that Ric was back in town and that Molly had moved out.

Ava was startled to find Carlos waiting in her apartment. He claimed to know that she shot AJ, but she insisted that she had been in New York the whole time and just gotten back. He then explained that Julian thought she pulled the trigger and started to argue. Then, Julian arrived. He poured himself a drink and got snarky with Ava until she headed for the door. Julian insisted that Carlos stay with him. As soon as Ava was gone, Julian told Carlos that things were about to hit the fan and he didn't want to see him (Carlos) become collateral damage.

Shawn found Sonny brooding in his office. They worried that AJ might wake up and name Sonny as his shooter.

Nikolas ran into Elizabeth at Kelly's. They had an awkward conversion about AJ and then the topic turned to Nikolas and Britt’s wedding. He told her how important she still was to him, but Elizabeth told him that she still couldn’t go because it would be too humiliating for her. He suggested that she find a date. Then, Ric appeared, overheard their conversation and offered to be Elizabeth’s date to the wedding.. He and Nikolas traded some barbs, but then Elizabeth agreed to let Ric be her date. Once Nikolas left, Ric asked her why she had agreed, but doesn't get much of an answer. Then, she headed off, and Shawn and Ric started sneering at each other.

At GH, Kiki and Michael sat by AJ's bedside. He worried that AJ would never wake up. She tried to be reassuring. When she went to get coffee, Michael told AJ how much he loved him. Sonny stood in the doorway as Michael vowed to make AJ’s shooter pay. Sonny tried assuring Michael that things would be okay. "I love you so much," he told Sonny. Down the hall, Kiki bumped into Silas. He filled her in about what happened in New York. Meanwhile, someone was eavesdropping on them. Then, Ava showed up to interrupt. She started quizzing her daughter about AJ, but Kiki gave her no information. After Kiki left, Silas questioned Ava about why she was really in New York. She insisted that she didn't frame him for his wife’s overdose/attempted murder and then he stomped off. Ava then spotted Sonny and cornered him. They worried about what to do if AJ woke up.

Around the corner, Obrecht lectured Britt for pandering to her patients. "Nikolas and I are getting married," Britt shot back and showed off her ring. Obrecht reminded her that Nikolas wouldn't be cool with being the stepfather to his sister's child. Britt replied that he'll never know. Then, Obrecht told Britt how worried she was about Faison and how she didn’t know if he was dead or alive. "You still have me," Britt reminded her, begging for her to keep her secret. "Fine," Obrecht said, crying. She then said that she wanted Britt to be happy enough for the both of them. Then, Nikolas interrupted. Obrecht congratulated them on their engagement. After she walked off, Britt tells a surprised Nikolas that she had just had an emotional breakthrough with her mother. Later, he told her that Elizabeth was bringing her ex-husband, Ric, to their wedding.

As Dante slept, Lulu held Ben and told him that she was his real mother. Suddenly, Britt appeared and declared that she was Ben’s real mother. Then, Lulu woke up from. Dante wondered what her nightmare was about, but she told him not to worry about it and to go to work. Then, they made out and had breakfast. She then told Dante that she was planning to visit Nikolas. He suggested that she visit Ben too. "I hadn't thought of that," she claimed.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Britt have had, and discussed, their engagement party. She thought they were going to cancel it but he insisted it was going to happen, then they started making out. Then, Spencer ran in and yelled that Ben was gone. He started looking under the cushions and then began moaning about how Emma has been ripped out his heart. Nikolas explained that Emma has other issues to deal with right now. Spencer ran off as Lulu came in. After Britt wandered off to check on Ben, Lulu told Nikolas about her dream. As they discussed her feelings, Britt listened at the door.

Monica was with Michael, Kiki and Sabrina in AJ's hospital room. Tracy and Luke were outside and reminded him that he needed to apologize to Monica. He wasn’t enthusiastic about doing so. They then ran into Sabrina and caught up with her about AJ. Sabrina then flashed back to treating Carlos for a head wound when they told her about clobbering the gunman who tried to kill AJ. Then, Sabrina walked off. In one of the rooms, she bluntly asked Carlos if he was the one who shot AJ. At first, he cracked jokes instead of answering her question, but then swore his innocence.

Back down the hall, Luke apologized to Monica for being rude previously. Tracy and Monica were both startled at his sincerity. Then, the women walked off and Luke chuckled to himself. Then, he cornered Kiki when he spotted her walking down the hall. She was jumpy so he offers her some “TLC” by hugging her, then grabbing her posterior. Kiki immediately jumped out of his grasp squealing. Then, Tracy returned and showed off her engagement ring, but Kiki just ran away.

Patrick, Emma and Anna were having breakfast at Kelly's. Anna was worried to hear that Robin had been in touch and offered to help as much as she can. "That's meaningless," he replied, pointing out she had no power over Robin. Then, Patrick apologized for being so rude. Anna replied that she didn’t understand any of this, then she left for work. Later, Emma shows Patrick the egg Spencer gave her. When he heard that it was from Victor, Patrick demanded that she hand it over. When she refused, he grabbed it out of her hand and smashed it into pieces the floor. Emma cried and Patrick apologized. "Now I don't have a mommy or an egg," she said as she wept. He hugged her and asked how he could make it up to her. She, in turn, asked for a puppy. Patrick then got a call from Monica and Spencer wandered in and asked Emma to be his guest at a private party.

Carlos called Ava at her place and assured her that he didn't rat her out to Julian. Then, Morgan showed up and she got off the phone. He flatly asked her if she was involved in AJ’s shooting. She changed the topic by getting lovey-dovey. Morgan then told her that Anna had been asking questions and wanted to take her down to the station. Then, Anna and Dante started banging on the door. Ava answered and gave them her New York alibis. They then questioned her about the attack on AJ last month. She was evasive until they finally left.

Dante and Anna dropped by Kelly's and discussed the Ava situation. He thought they were out of suspects. She thought they may have one if they can track down who made the previous attack. Carlos just happened to be sitting two feet away as they had this conversation.
Ava snuck into AJ's hospital room.

At his place, Sam asked Nathan to back off of Silas. She insisted that Ava framed him and wondered why he wasn't focusing on her. He continued his shirtless exercises as they went over all of the evidence. Sam couldn't understand why he couldn't get his head around what she was saying about Silas being innocent. She then started to think that she should be investigating him. He warned her that she could be Silas' next victim. She scoffed at the idea.

Madeline arrived in Silas's office. She immediately stated that never liked him because he has no manners since he didn’t get up from his chair when she came into the room. Silas then demanded to know what happened to his wife and repeated that he was innocent of ever hurting her. "Repetition doesn't make any of this more believable," she fired back. They rehashed his mistakes and he insisted that he never cared about Nina's money. "Prove it," she challenged, handing him documents relinquishing any claim on Nina’s money. He offered to sign the documents if she told him where Nina was. She wouldn't so he didn't sign them. After she left, Sam showed up. Silas kissed her and she told him that Detective West was hiding something.

Back at Nathan’s apartment, he was about to leave when Madeline showed up at his door. "Hello Nathan," she said.

Ava snuck into AJ's hospital room. She claimed that she never wanted things to come to this and although there was a good chance he might not survive, that was still too much of a chance for her to take. Whispering, she told him that she had tied up all of the loose ends and gave him a kiss. Slipping on some black gloves, she continued to justify herself as she cut off his air. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and he grabbed her. She gasped. Then, his machines started wailing away. Ava snuck out as he passed out and doctors rushed in.

At Kelly's, Sonny continued to beat himself up to Shawn as he worried about Michael discovering what he did. Shawn told him it was in G-d's hands now and that he should get some sleep. Sonny then told Shawn how he kept wondering if AJ had more to say before he shot him. Shawn kept insisting AJ was guilty of killing Connie. They then talked about what great friends they were to each other and hugged. After Sonny left, the waitress told Shawn a women was there waiting for him. When he found her sitting at a table, he gave her an icy greeting. Outside, Sonny met with Ava.

At GH, things were still awkward between Kiki and Luke. Tracy left them alone. Luke asked Kiki to walk with him to the cafeteria. She was reluctant and when he grabbed her arm, she tore it away. Then, Morgan rushed over, pulled her aside and asked what was wrong. Kiki explained that Luke just made a pass at her. He thought that she needed to tell Michael. She explained that they were “in a strange place right now” and didn’t need to hear about this while dealing with AJ’s current situation. She then told Morgan that she would have just kneed him but having Tracy in the picture complicated things. Morgan offered to take care of the situation, stalked over to Luke and ordered him to back off. "Or what, you little punk?" Luke asked. Down the hall, Tracy ran into Kevin and told him that she was making a big deal out of nothing when they spoke before, that she was sure that Luke was getting back to his old self and they should all move on. Yet, Kevin was sure that something still happened in the mental hospital, but Tracy continued insisting that Luke was fine. When she got back to Luke, she found him arguing with Morgan and Kiki. Morgan congratulated her on her engagement and walked off. Luke smirked.

Meanwhile, Michael and Monica joined Patrick in his office to discuss AJ's options. None of the options were good. Monica suggested the less invasive decision but told Michael that it was his choice. He was confused so she explained that AJ gave him his power of attorney and his medical proxy. Michael didn't know what to do. He wandered down to AJ’s room, took his hand and wondered what he would want.

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