'General Hospital' weekly recap – Week of 3/17-3/21

By Sari N. Kent,

This week on 'General Hospital': Nikolas and Britt’s engagement party began, Sonny convinced Alexis to take Julian as her date to help him bring him down, TJ’s mother came to town to take TJ back home, much to Shawn and TJ’s chagrin, Emily’s ghost paid Nikolas a visit, AJ slipped into a coma after surgery, Luke continued to sexually harass Kiki, Nathan was revealed to be Silas’ wife, Nina’s younger brother, Lulu confided in Lucas how she wished Ben was her son, Britt wrote out a confession to Lulu and Elizabeth made a shocking discovery!

At GH, Michael got no response from AJ when he pleaded with him to tell him what to do. Then, Sonny entered and Michael told him that AJ gave him his Power of Attorney, so he had to decide how to treat the aneurysm, either with medication, which takes time to work or with surgery and that either could kill AJ. He then asked Sonny for advice, who told Michael to listen to his gut and whatever choice he made would be the right one. Michael thanked Sonny and asked him to wait with AJ while he got a doctor. Once he was alone with him, Sonny leaned in close and told AJ that pulling the trigger felt right, that he hoped for Michael’s sake that he lived, but that he really wanted AJ to die so he could keep Michael.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth comforted Patrick in his office about seeing how upset he was over Robin’s departure. He then told Elizabeth about scaring Emma. Elizabeth tells Patrick that Emma may have been scared in the moment but she wasn’t scared of him. Patrick then wondered how he was going to make things okay for himself. Then, Michael came in and told Patrick that he had decided on surgery for AJ. Patrick stressed again to Michael the danger of the procedure and told him to spend a few minutes with AJ while he prepped. Elizabeth then questioned Patrick’s ability to do surgery in his current state, but he insisted that he could do it. Michael then returned to Sonny and cried and prayed that surgery was the right thing to do.

Meanwhile, Sam told Silas in his office that she thought Nathan was hiding a connection to Nina’s case. She then told him that she was going to call Spinelli to have him hack into Nathan’s computer. They then started making out then put her on his desk as she ripped his shirt off. After they had sex, she told him that they were bigger than Nathan and his stupid charges.

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