'General Hospital' weekly recap: Week of 3/24-3/28

By Sari N. Kent,
AJ woke up long enough to tell Carly who shot him then he crashed again, Elizabeth told Lulu the truth about her being Ben’s mother not Britt, Nikolas threw Britt out of Wyndemere and demanded his ring back once he learned the truth, Obrecht kidnapped Ben after the truth was revealed, Lucas broke things off with Brad when he confessed his involvement in the Ben situation, Ric made his romantic intentions towards Elizabeth clear, Alexis and Julian steamed things up and Silas’ apartment was broken into.

At Wyndemere, Sam and Silas found Sonny by the bar. She asked about Alexis and Sonny claimed that he hadn't seen her. Then, Olivia strolled over and chatted with Sonny, but he was jumpy. Meanwhile, Silas and Sam wandered across the room to chat with Nikolas. Tracy ran into Lucas. They wondered why Obrecht sent him off to find Lulu. Across the room, Dante worried about Lulu to Britt.

Out on the parapet, Obrecht threatened to cut Brad's tongue out if he blabbed about Britt. Brad cowered and she threatened to throw him off the building, telling him about Katherine Bell’s death and said there was nothing she wouldn't do to protect her daughter. Brad then shriveled up, but she shoved him over the edge anyway. Luckily, he landed on some hay, which broke his fall. She pulled him out and told him that she wouldn't be so generous the next time. Then, Lucas caught them together. They told him that Brad just had a few too many drinks.

Julian headed out to the stables to meet with “Luke.” "I thought no one was supposed to know we were working together?" Julian asked. “Luke” reminded Julian that he worked for him and he didn't want him ruining his chance to destroy Sonny. Although Julian made excuses, “Luke” wasn't impressed by the lousy job he’d been doing. “Luke” then told Julian that he wanted controlling interest in ELQ, which was why he proposed to Tracy, in spite of the fact that it hampered his chance to chase women. “Luke” then announced that it was time to up the ante in their war against Sonny. He explained secretively. "That's a bold move," replied Julian. Then, Tracy interrupted. “Luke” claimed he was just out there for a cigar, but she still didn't know why he was talking to Julian. “Luke” said he was just putting him on notice to treat Lucas right. He then sent her out so he could “look for his lighter.” Once Tracy was gone, after repeating to Julian that he wanted results, they walked off. Spencer then came out of hiding.

Back in the main house, Alexis followed Ric into a side room and eavesdropped, only to be surprised to catch him chatting with Cameron. She tried to run, but he snagged her and she admitted that she thought he was with Julian. He was confused and wondered if she was trying to set him up. Then, they began bickering about Julian until Sonny wandered in. Then, Sonny and Ric picked up the bickering as Ric insisted that he wasn’t working to take him down and wanted to put the bad blood between them behind them, but Sonny didn't buy it. Then, Ric and Cameron left for dessert and Sonny and Alexis bickered. Once Alexis left, Tracy showed up and she and Sonny did some bickering of their own. She told him that he was just “a charismatic thug with dimples” and that his days were numbered. She then mentioned that she just saw Julian with “Luke.”

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