Georgetown University student arrested for possession of ricin

By Kyle Johnson,

A Georgetown University student has been arrested and charged with possession after it was discovered he had a lethal dose of ricin in his dorm room, but it is not believed that the student intended to use the dangerous toxin.

Daniel Harry Milzman revealed to his dorm adviser that he made ricin in his room. The adviser promptly called the school officials, who turned to the police, reports USA Today. The 19-year-old told the FBI that he made the toxin with ingredients purchased at the store based off a recipe he found online.

FBI's Washington Field Office spokesman Andrew Ames said, "Based on our investigation, we do not believe there is any connection to terrorism.
The Washington Post reports that Milzman made the ricin about a month ago while his roommate was not present. He wore goggles and a dust mask while making the ricin and kept the bag secured using hockey tape.

The university sent out an email to students letting them know they were in no danger since symptoms of exposure present after only 24 hours. The dorm, McCarthy Hall, has been reopened after the entire sixth floor where Milzman lived was cleaned.

A lethal dose of ricin can cause respiratory failure and organ problems for people. It is created using castor beans.

image courtesy of Daderot (I took this photograph.) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons



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