Georgetown University student suffers mysterious death on spring break trip

By Michelle Kapusta,

A Georgetown University student had died while on a spring break trip with friends in the Dominican Republic and the cause of death is said to be from “natural causes.”

According to the New York Daily News, undergraduate student Mark Adamsson was traveling with classmates when he mysteriously died.

Georgetown University spokeswoman Rachel Pugh said on Tuesday that Adamsson died from "heart and lung failure, due to medical reasons."

The news comes a day after the school was extremely vague in an email to students notifying them of his death.

The circumstances surrounding his death, however, still remain a mystery.

The Washington Post noted that the junior enrolled in the School of Foreign Service, was a native of Sweden and previously attended Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass., where he played on the tennis team.

At Georgetown University, he was involved in a student-run fund called the Zeeba Investment Group.

Students have been advised that a counseling staff, chaplains in residence and residence life staff are available for counseling.



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