Gina Carano searches for her husband in first 'In the Blood' trailer

By Jose Cordova,

Gina Carano is back in a starring role in this new action film from director John Stockwell.

Gina Carano was a huge breakout star in the MMA circuit and helped push female fighters into mainstream conversation. Something about her caught the eye of Steven Soderbergh and he brought Carano her first leading role in Haywire.

That was back in 2011, and since then Carano has had supporting turns in Fast & Furious 6 and on the small screen on NBC's Almost Human. In the Blood puts her back in the driver's seat and gives us a glimpse of what we can expect from Carano as an action star.

Carano has never been praised for her acting chops and from the trailer it doesn't seem like she's improved since the last time she was on screen. That's all well and good because the reason you want her on screen is because of the physicality she brings to the table. It's obvious from the trailer she's bringing plenty of that.

The film clearly isn't going to get any Oscars, but the action looks solid. Carano's fighting ability is on full display as she punches, kicks and shoots her way through the Caribbean. A lot of the fun of this trailer is watching familiar action tropes get turned on their head. Cam Gigandet turns up for about 10 seconds before he's abducted and Carano's character must utilize a very particular set of skills from her past to find him. If all this movie turns out to be is Taken with Gina Carano, I'll be more than satisfied.

In the Blood is coming to Video On Demand soon.



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