‘Glee’-Cap: ‘New Directions’

By Lauren DuBois,
The curtain closes on New DIrections for good

In part two of the special “100 episodes” celebration on Glee, a last ditch effort to save the glee club was mixed with some bittersweet goodbyes and fixed relationships.


At the end of part one, Holly and April vowed to save the club, and they are continuing their efforts now. Holly convinces Sue to give her a week to pitch working music into other clubs, since the glee club can no longer be. Sue agrees.

Holly starts her plan at the animal husbandry club, which segues into the number “Party All the Time,” a fun, flashy number that transports the kids to a dance club and foam party. However, the plan fails miserably - Sue got thousands of complaint letters. Will is once again heartbroken and tells Holly to leave it be - he’s accepted the glee club’s unfortunate fate. But Holly isn’t finished yet.

Will walks into his office and sees an invitation to the auditorium on his desk. A projector film appears, with the kids from the club, alongside Holly and Sue, telling Will’s future child all the wonderful things about him. At the movie’s end, the original members of New Directions — Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes, Artie and Tina, unite on stage and begin singing “Don’t Stop Believin’.” They are joined next by Santana, Brittany, Quinn, Mike and Puck, and finally, by Sam, Blaine, Marley, Unique, Ryder, Jake and Kitty. Finally, Schu also joins them on stage for one last number. As it ends, Holly and April are revealed to have been watching from the back of the room, and after admitting they tried their hardest to help, they turn around and leave.


Though the last few episodes have been focused on McKinley, the New York drama between Santana and Rachel is still present. In an effort to get them to make up, Kurt and Mercedes sing “I Am Changing.” Afterwards, Rachel attempts to make peace with Santana in the bathroom. She’s willing to offer her 10 shows - but Santana rejects the offer and says she wants all of them, and she’s gunning for Rachel’s part.

However, after a few kind words from Britt, Santana admits to Rachel that she doesn’t want to be on Broadway, and she has officially resigned from the show. To celebrate their friendship returning, they team up to sing “Be Okay.”


Tina is the only one who doesn’t know what’s in store for her. She was rejected from her safety school, and still hasn’t heard from Brown, so she’s applying to a Jewish school in New York as a last resort.

When talking to her fellow seniors, she learns Blaine got into NYADA, and in the excitement, Sam accidentally knocked her unconscious with a trophy. While unconscious, Tina dreams about life in New York in a Friends spoof called CHUMS, starring Tina, Rachel, Santana, Artie, Blaine and Kurt, with special guest appearances by Mike, Mercedes, Britt and Puck. And Mike wants Tina back. However, she wakes up quickly and decides New York will be amazing.

However, she learns she wasn’t “Jewish enough” for the school, so she won’t be going to New York with her friends after all. Still, Sam, Artie and Blaine gather around her to convince her to come to New York anyway and figure her life out there. Together they sing an acoustic version of “Loser Like Me,” which convinces Tina to head to New York.

However, come graduation, her mind is changed again. She won’t be going to New York after all — because she got into Brown. Like Quinn, she’s headed for the New England Ivy League halls.


Back in season 4, the show broke up three key couples - Finn and Rachel, Kurt and Blaine and Brittany and Santana, and threatened that Schu and Emma were on the rocks. Since then, both Kurt and Blaine and Schu and Emma have reunited, while Finn passed away, leaving his and Rachel’s relationship firmly in the past. The one couple remaining was “Brittana.”

Brittany presents Santana with an option to run away with her to the island of lesbos. Santana tells her it’s not an option, because Brittany just doesn’t want to go back to MIT. She doesn’t have a dream to run away to a lesbian island. Brittany then reminds Santana that she never had a dream to be a Broadway star either — words Santana uses to later resign from Funny Girl.

Meanwhile, the seniors are all preparing to graduate. Artie, Blaine, Tina, Sam, and yes, Becky Jackson all receive their diplomas. Then a surprise from Santana occurs — she pulled a few favors with Sue, and now, even though she is already in college, Brittany gets to graduate from high school, something she missed out on. And afterwards, the two appear to truly reunite — they’re going to go to Lesbos together (it’s not an island of lesbians, Santana informs Brittany), followed by a trip to Hawaii, before they then head to New York - together.


Sadly, the episode did have to end with the glee club’s official disbanding. The first truly sad moment of realization comes after a beautiful duet between Quinn and Puck on “Just Give Me a Reason,” where they admit that they’re finally going to be an official couple, for the first time in their lives.

However, after their song, Schu somberly says that this was the last official song of Glee Club, and it is now officially over.

After graduation, Sue and Will meet in the choir room one last time. Sue commends him for everything he has done over the years for the kids, and for the ways he has improved his own life as well. She then reveals she got him an interview to run the glee club at Carmel — he could become the new vocal director of Vocal Adrenaline. He doesn’t make a decision, but stands up, bows to an empty choir room, and as he walks out of the room he is reminded of the nice things he has heard the original members of the club say to him over the years — including some chilling and inspirational words from the deceased Finn.

Then, he leaves the room and closes the door, effectively ending the chapter of the Glee story that takes place in Ohio for good.

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