‘Glee’-Cap: ‘Trio’

By Lauren DuBois,
The New York drama heats up as big news rocks McKinley

The drama continues to unfold in New York on Glee, as the competition between Santana and Rachel heats up, while at McKinley, the seniors are preparing to say goodbye and Will and Emma are planning to conceive a child.


This week’s New York storyline begins with Rachel inviting Elliot to her personal rehearsal, where he gives her a key to his apartment. She has officially moved in with him since she left the Brooklyn loft she was sharing with Kurt and Santana and taken over his bed. The two talk about the beautiful friendship they can feel starting up and start singing “Barracuda.”

Elliott then heads to the loft for Rachel to pick up her sheet music, and comes across Santana in the midst of her plan to take Rachel down (sexy clothes, intimidation through posting old pictures, and a weave). While there, he slips with the news that Rachel is moving in with him, which causes Santana to reintroduce Auntie Snicks.

Rachel then arrives for a shift at the diner and finds Elliot and Santana together, as she is not paying him to run lines with her. When a table requests a performance of “Gloria,” Rachel and Santana turn it into a competition over Elliott’s attention, and the three sing the song. Afterwards however, he quits the band, tells Santana he won’t run lines with her, and he won’t be Rachel’s friend (the roommate thing is still fine). And he can’t understand how Kurt deals with the drama.

In response, Kurt kicks Rachel and Santana out of the band and informs them Pamela Landsbury is dead, and he, Dani, and Elliott have started a new band, One Three Hill. At their first gig, Rachel and Santana decide to temporarily bury the hatchet for Kurt’s performance. Before singing “The Happening,” he makes a speech about how this wasn’t the trio he originally planned to be a part of, but sometimes things happen. The new band also appears to be a hit, inspiring worried looks from Rachel and Santana.

Rachel heads back to the apartment to get her scented candle and she and Santana begin talking and realizing neither one of them ever had any girl friends besides one another. It goes into talk about why Santana took the part, but they’re interrupted by Kurt, Dani and Elliott, and things don’t appear to get any better.

The episode closes out with a New York/McKinley Seniors duet of Wilson Phillips’ “Hold On,” which Dani, Kurt and Elliot are rehearsing together, as Santana sings from the diner and Rachel sings from rehearsal.


Will and Emma are trying to get pregnant—and apparently the only way to conceive is to have sex at random points during the day, including the faculty bathroom, where Becky catches them and reports them to Sue.

Emma isn’t pregnant yet, so Will informs her that he made them an appointment at a fertility doctor, which freaks her out a bit. Bieste and Sue tell Will they need to find a way to keep Emma calm, because if she’s freaked out and feeling pressure over conceiving she won’t.

Will then begins to paint the old craft room yellow in preparation of the nursery. He tells Emma they just need to relax and enjoy the love they have together and just wait for it to happen naturally, which it will. The two then begin singing “Danny’s Song” and make love.

Will also starts packing for L.A. for Nationals next week when Emma drops the news that she’s pregnant. They’re going to have a family.

Meanwhile, Sam, Tina and Blaine are all dealing with graduation approaching in just two weeks time. Despite an upbeat performance of “Jumpin’ Jumpin,” Tina cannot stop crying. In an attempt to make her feel better, Sam and Blaine organize a lock-in for the three of them in the choir room. And despite having fun and singing “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” together, their night appears ruined when Becky arrives.

However, the night is truly ruined when Blaine finds Sam and Tina making out, something that grosses him out. They claim they just needed to get it out of their systems, but Blaine is still upset.

Eventually they make up, and despite leaving Artie out of their fun all episode, they include him once again as the four sing “Hold On” to prepare for Nationals.

Next week, The New Directions head to L.A. for Nationals and try to become back-to-back National champs—even though they’re going up against a new and extremely powerful threat in Throat Explosion.

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