‘The Good Wife’ Recap: Dramatics, Your Honor

By Lena Finkel,
A Bombshell Hits 'The Good Wife'

Oh. My. God. Did that really just happen? If you haven’t watched yesterday’s episode of The Good Wife yet, beware, major spoilers ahead! Not only was this the biggest shocker of the season, but it was definitely one of the top ten shockers on TV this entire year.

Will Gardner is dead.

Like, dead dead. In all my wildest dreams, I never saw this coming. The epic moment took place in the last few moments of the episode, so let’s rewind a bit and start from the beginning.

Will is back in court defending a college kid, Jeffrey Grant, accused of murder. We first met Jeffrey (played by Weeds’s Hunter Parrish — who I absolutely adore, by the way. Someone this talented should be starring in his own movie. OK, enough gushing. Kalinda believed from the get-go that Jeff was guilty, but Will was determined to prove otherwise.

But Jeff’s trial isn’t going so well. They have DNA evidence that proves him to be the killer and Will’s trial tactics aren’t exactly going as planned. The whole trial is an epic rollercoaster, and Jeff’s problems back in the jail cell aren’t making things any easier. The kid seems to be nearly at the end of his rope and every time he enters the court, he looks more and more like an empty shell of a man.

Meanwhile, Alicia is still trying to fend off the feds as they continue to pursue Peter’s voter fraud case. She eventually decides that the best way to gain control is to agree to a voluntary deposition. But when the government officials make it personal, she calls their bluff and storms out immediately.

Back in court, Will is ready to go for a Hail Mary. He sends Kalinda off to see if she can get some last minute evidence to use for their case. Just as she thinks the case is hopeless, she finally makes a discovery: both Jeff and the murder victim shared a gurney at the hospital, giving way to the possibility that Jeff’s skin cells could have transferred to the victim that night, making him innocent!

Will is ecstatic to find this out and rushes to the judge in hopes of getting the information admitted into evidence. But while Will is invigorated, Jeff is losing hope and losing his sanity. He sees the bailiff’s gun out of the corner of his eye.

The next moment, all you hear are gun shots. And then silence. As Kalinda rushes in, she sees Will laying on the ground bleeding out. Jeff has fired off a round of shots and unfortunately Will got caught up in the crossfire.

But what’s ten times more depressing is the look on Jeffrey’s face as he realizes he hasn't left any bullets for himself. The despair in his eyes as he desperately tries to commit suicide is worse than a thousand words.

As for Will, he’s pronounced dead at the hospital. Diane and Kalinda are distraught and I realize this is the moment I’m supposed to be in tears. But his character’s arc was rather static recently and his feud with Alicia was getting old. The shock of his death to viewers is worth more than his character continuing on the show at this moment.

And as we look ahead to the season to come: everyone is dealing with Will's death and it doesn’t look pretty. Alicia and Peter are on the edge, again, and Louis Canning has returned to “replace” Will. I guess sometimes you need a death to liven up a season.

Let the games begin.



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