‘The Good Wife’ Recap: 'The Last Call'

By Lena Finkel,

OK. So obviously it was necessary for The Good Wife to have an episode like this. It would have been insensitive for the show to just skip over the immediate aftermath of Will Gardner’s death. But let’s be honest: watching grief on TV is boring.

There’s only so many times I can watch the characters spontaneously burst into tears. And hearing the phrase “Will is dead” seven times in the first five minutes only continues to take away from the drama (Don’t they know any other way of phrasing that?).

Anyways, the episode starts off just where it left off: with Alicia on the phone with Kalinda. Of course, Alicia rushes off in a grief-stricken haze — should someone in this state even be driving right now?

Meanwhile, Diane must deal with the partners back at the firm. Everyone is dealing with the news in their own way. David Lee runs off to cry (wasn’t expecting that one), an intern gets hysterical (whom Diane promptly fires), and Kalinda is off in search of answers.

Kalinda is a woman scorned and nobody can stand in her way. She bounces around from the bailiff’s testimony to the coroner’s office to Jeffrey Gant’s interrogation. She’s on a mission to find the truth behind Will’s death and she’s willing to search high and low.

But Kalinda isn’t the only one looking for answers. After Alicia stops by Lockhart/Gardner to see Diane, she notices a voicemail from Will just moments before his death. But unfortunately the message is too short for Alicia to find out what Will was trying to say. So she too goes around from person to person, trying to determine what Will was trying to tell her — Do I really care what Will was trying to tell her? Not really. But I feel Alicia’s pain, I guess.

While Kalinda and Alicia are each off gallivanting around town, Diane and Cary are holding down the fort at the law firms. Each has a pretty badass moment as Diane dramatically fires an obnoxious, but important client, and Cary tells off an opposing lawyer for being a jerk.

Skip to the end of Kalinda and Alicia are nearing the end of their searches. Kalinda finally discovers that it was in fact Jeff’s bullet that killed Will and decides to enforce her own cruel punishment. Alicia tracks down the lawyer who tried to help Will in court, who reassured her that Will wasn’t planning on yelling at Alicia in his message.

It’s not quite closure, but it’ll have to do for now.

All in all, I’m relieved this episode is behind us. I’m ready for some more drama, some more court cases, and a few more of those plot twists that The Good Wife does so well.



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