‘The Good Wife’ Recap: 'Parallel Construction'

By Lena Finkel,

After weeks and weeks of waiting for The Good Wife to return, the show finally aired a new episode, picking up where it left off. But, of course, after waiting so long for a new episode, who the hell even remembers where we left off anyways? In case you forgot — the NSA was spying on the whole clan to investigate the case of voter fraud in Peter’s election, Cary and Kalinda had started hooking up, and Alicia and Will were still feuding.

Now, on to new business! The episode “Parallel Construction, Bitches” focused on Alicia and Cary’s dealings with drug dealer Lamont Bishop. (Side note: Were you as relieved as I was to find that the episode didn’t focus on the tension between Alicia and Will?). Overall, the episode was pretty engaging and provided a good set-up for the rest of the season. We also learned few important lessons along the way…

1. Don’t let a drug dealer know your home address. Or better yet, don’t let his lawyer know your home address. The episode starts off with Lamont’s seemingly innocent but actually cunning lawyer showing up at Alicia’s apartment. Despite her pleas for him to leave, he insists that she help Lamont with a new drug charge. Supposedly the feds have evidence of Lamont moving a ton of cocaine around. Yea, Lamont may have let the ball drop on that one.

2. Somebody is always wire tapping you. At least, if you’re Alicia Florrick, that is. While Lamont knows that the dirt the DEA has on him is actually correct, he also realizes that there’s no way they could have known it based on their “key witness.” So after interrogating the entire Florrick/Agos staff to see if there’s a mole, they’re forced to come to one conclusion: the DEA is wire tapping them!

3. You’re first instinct isn’t always correct. When the opposing counsel resigns in Lamont’s case, Alicia and the gang can’t help but get suspicion. And when Robyn goes to investigate, the DEA agent lets it slip that the wiretaps aren’t for Lamont’s case and they definitely aren’t coming from the DEA.

4. Apparently some people still have a conscience. (Whatever that is.) Marilyn is still on her crusade to get to the bottom of this whole voter fraud business. Enter the government. Marilyn basically gets kidnapped on the street by a gov official as he appeals to her sense of right and wrong to help them investigate Peter. She promptly hands over the tape of the guys bringing in the stuffed ballot box. Real nice, Marilyn.

5. Don’t piss off a judge. Prior to the start of the episode, Alicia has supposedly agreed to meet with this judge to help him out with his book. But after arriving late, he promptly leaves, cutting their meeting short. And when she tries to reschedule he blows her off Mandarin-style (he’s decided to learn the language apparently). Yea, this is probably going to come back to bite her in the butt sometime.

6. Never pass up an opportunity to be somebody’s knight and shining armor. At the very end of the episode, the feds approach Will about the wire tapping and attempt to convince him to snitch on Peter. But Will is relentless, and refuses to tattletale on his nemesis. Good boy!

The episode certainly provided a good foundation for the rest of the season of The Good Wife. We can only hope that they don’t make us wait so long for another episode this time! It completely takes away from any suspense they had built up.

What did you think of this episode?

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