'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: 'We Gotta Get Out of This Place'

By Paige Paswaters,

This week on Grey’s Anatomy: Jackson and April have to face one more person who was hurt by their actions – Avery's mother, Derek and Callie are in a legal dispute, and Dr. Webber has a birthday he will never forget.

Jackson and April: These two get an alarming start to their day when Jackson’s mother, Catherine, shows up. She is all bark and bite and is about as intimidating as they come. This is the first she has seen her son since he married April, and after hearing how the whole marriage occurred she seriously questions April’s motives. Catherine’s suggestion is for April to sign a postnuptial, since it is clearly too late to sign a prenuptial. April agrees, if only to get Catherine to leave them alone, but that doesn’t happen. His mother grills them with questions like, what religion will their kids be raised under? This reveals a massive weakness in their new marriage, because they never discussed any of this. April didn’t even realize that her kids would one day be in charge of the Avery Foundation.

Callie and Derek: Callie is determined to fight for her research that is being taken away by her partner, Derek. She brings in a lawyer to make it known how serious she is about keeping her brain sensors. After a heated debate between the two of them, Derek realizes that what he is doing is not right and is definitely not fair to her. He stands up to the big-wigs at NIH and the White House and refuses to work with them unless he can continue his research with Callie. Derek and Callie win in the end, and their research is restored.

Derek and Meredith: Meredith is determined, with her new engineer by her side, to fix her machine and begin revolutionizing the field of medicine once again. Meanwhile, Derek wiggles his way out of a potential lawsuit from Callie. He makes amends by telling the White House that he cannot continue their project unless he can continue his research with her.

Owen and Cristina: Cristina has two tasks this episode, and that is to choose patients for her clinical trial and sign Owen up for a dating site. When she asks Owen to describe the woman he is looking for, he describes Cristina. He says, “There are a billion people out there, but I imagine there is only one her.” Later, at Dr. Webber’s surprise birthday party, Christina gives him three women that replied to his dating site. Without a second thought, Owen tells Cristina that she will be leaving with him soon and its up to her where they are going to go for the night. He only has eyes for the lady that was once his wife. It looks like next week we will once again be wrapped in the love drama between Owen and Cristina. Will they put their differences aside to make their love last?

Alex and Jo: Alex Karev spends his entire day convincing his girlfriend to sign the “love contract” that was proposed by Meredith. If Jo does sign it, she can work in pediatrics and even take part in the surgery that will remove the absorbed fetus from a man’s belly. But, Jo is stubborn and she thinks of the contract as a “kiss of death.” In the end she signs it at Dr. Webber’s surprise birthday party, after Alex declares that he wants to be able to kiss her in public at work. Their love is officially in writing.

Richard Webber: Happy Birthday to Dr. Webber. His two gifts: retirement fact sheets from Chief Owen Hunt and a patient that absorbed his twin brother in utero. He later finds out at his surprise birthday party that the retirement papers were actually a compliment. Owen did it because he wants Richard to consider moving from residency to director of education. Dr. Webber’s role in the hospital could be shifting once again.

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