‘Hart of Dixie’ Season 3 Episode 14 Recap: 'Here You Come Again'

By Freda Eang,

After many episodes away from Bluebell, the lovely Lemon Breeland is back from grandma's. A quick Homeland reference about Nick Brody stuck in a cell from Magnolia causes the good Dr. Breeland to be a little nervous of Lemon’s homecoming. Listening to the suggestion of Magnolia, Brick decides to hold a party for Lemon.

Meanwhile, everything is working out for Zoey and Joel. They got the house they been eyeing since moving back to Bluebell and Zoey’s relationship with the Wilkes are growing by the day. Unfortunately, according to Joel, the only problem is that Zoey’s mom is still hanging around town. Zoey disagrees because she’s not used to her mother paying so much attention to her, but this sudden suffocation and overindulgence of attention does cause Joel much discomfort.

The scene then shifts to Lavon and George at the Rammer Jammer. Out of love, the two lament about their current single status, while Wade finds the situation ironic. As he laughs at the two, Vivian walks in and Wade asks her to be his date to Lemon’s homecoming party. Vivian declines politely, revealing that her younger years were spent in Lemon’s company quite too often. Wades understands and ends up going to the party alone As everyone awaits Lemon to arrive to surprise her, it comes to their attention that she was running late. Suddenly Wade gets a phone call from Lemon, asking him to not tell anyone where she’s at, which happens to be in jail. After Wade goes and bails her out, Lemon summarizes how the last few months with her grandma has been on their ride back to Bluebell. Long story short, her grandma drove her crazy, and she currently is seeing two men, Carter and Enrique. The two men do not know of the other and Lemon plans to keep it that way, but unfortunately nothing ever goes as planned.

Carter and Enrique both arrive in Bluebell to give Lemon a surprise and she tries her best to not let them cross paths at her party. Annabeth and Lavon are still on bad terms throughout the episode and Annabeth waits until the last moment to tell Lemon that she rejoined the Bells in her absence. Fortunately, Lemon does not blame Annabeth and is relief that she could tell her best friend about her current plight. Also in other worries, Zoey’s mom decides to make Zoey a client. Zoey is ecstatic because growing up; her mom always made her clients priority over Zoey. Zoey believes a good relationship was finally forming between her and her mom, but the situation turns ugly when she realizes that she doesn’t like her mom badmouthing Brick in order for Zoey to get half of the practice back. The end result is that her mom realizes that the reason why Zoey likes Bluebell and the Wilkes so much is because the town and its people offer everything that her mom never did to Zoey.

The rest of the party ends in disaster because Lemon gets founded out by her entire family. Her grandma was originally going to give Lemon money to buy Fancy’s because of how thrilled she was that Lemon was finally going to have a good marriage prospect with Carter, but it goes downhill with the sudden revelation that Lemon was a two-timer. The two men both leave during the heated moment, but ends up sticking around Bluebell to fight for Lemon’s affections at the end of the episode.

Hart of Dixie airs Fridays at 9pm on the CW.

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