‘Hart of Dixie’ Season 3 Episode 15 recap: 'Ring of Fire'

By Freda Eang,

This week’s episode of Hart of Dixie picks up right where it left off. Carter and Enrique stay in Bluebell vying for Lemon’s affections, and as much as Lemon loves all the attention, dating two men at the same time can be exhausting. Seeing her predicament, along with his own in regards to lack of ideas for the upcoming Renaissance Faire, Lavon begs Lemon to allow him to make her current love situation the focus of the festival. A “Duel for Lemon’s Heart” with Carter vs. Enrique, who are on the signs promoting the event, indicating that the winner of the duel will have the honor and rights to date Lemon.

Lemon aside, the episode also focuses on Vivian’s and Wade’s three month anniversary, along with Dr. Hart and Joel’s settlement issue. Wade had planned a grand night with Vivian in order to celebrate their three months together, but due to a babysitting issue, Vivian had to cancel. Not wanting to give in to fate, Wade enlists the help of Rose in order to take his lady out for the night. Unfortunately, Rose takes Harley to the animal fair and Harley becomes attached to a baby goat and takes him home with them. Wade had to end the night abruptly and deal with the issue at hand.

Meanwhile, Zoey and Joel are waiting to have their house repaired before moving in. A couple of Bluebell townies are fixing Zoey’s and Joel’s new place, but as one of them falls of a ladder and injures himself, Zoey and Joel get sued by Chicken and his two other brothers. Joel insists on having a talk with the brothers, but Zoey warns him against doing so. Not heeding Zoey’s words, Joel makes his way to the Rammer Jammer and tries his luck in negotiating. Chicken claims he would settle the law suit if Joel can promise him two things, which include $50 and a date with Annabeth.

Before Joel could agree to Chicken’s terms, his brothers drag Chicken away, leaving Joel with no option but to leave the settlement issue in the hands of Zoey. Zoey enlists the help of George to help her fight over her law suit. Still recovering from his recent breakup with Tansy, George is not in tip top shape. He easily gets humiliated by the lawyer that is representing Chicken at Fancies, but as a result, becomes even more determined to return to his former self. On court day, George Tucker walks into the court looking as suave as he used to be. Using his colorful language, he persuades the judge that the case is a no-brainer and that Chicken and his brothers have no right to sue Zoey and Joel.

When duel time comes around, Carter and Enrique are nowhere to be found due to Meatball’s manipulation. Left embarrassed that neither of her two suitors show up, Lemon angrily whispers to Lavon for him to salvage the situation. In order to get Lemon out of her pickle, Lavon steps into the ring as a knight and duels against Meatball.

The fight ends rather quickly due to Meatball’s silliness and Lavon becomes the victor. Later at the Renaissance party in the evening, Lemon bids farewell to her two suitors as she realizes that she cannot handle having two boyfriends.

At the end of the episode, a mysterious knight in shining armor appears and asks to buy Annabeth a drink. Not wanting to ruin the mystery, Annabeth accepts the drink, but tells the knight not to reveal his identity. In the last few moments of the episode, Joel gets a phone call telling him to immediately leave for Los Angeles, which isn’t big news until he reveals to Zoey that he needs to stay there for six months. Could this be the end of Joel and Zoey’s relationship?

Hart of Dixie airs Fridays at 9pm on the CW.



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