'Helix' Recap: 'The Reaping'

By Brian Brown,

The penultimate episode of Helix's first season ends with Hatake's impossible choice.

Ilaria's super assassin The Scythe starts Day 12 by contacting his superiors. He tells them he doesn't know where Constance Sutton is and they give him his orders to take the Narvik virus and its cure, capture Hatake alive, and kill everyone else.

In the bunker Sarah wears an inconspicuous baseball cap with a fish on it to hide her silver eyes. Later she bonds with Julia over their shared immortality. Miksa/Daniel returns from his search for the remaining scientists after finding them all dead. At the scene of the crime Peter struggles with his guilt over the similar actions he performed while under the effects of the virus.

Balleseros, Anana, and the villagers camp for the night and will continue their exodus in the morning. Anana and her brother Toluk argue over her blossoming relationship with Balleseros. She says she trusts the mercenary, but is prepared to kill him if she is wrong.

Miksa finds security footage of The Scythe and his flunkies. Hatake confirms that it is the assassin he feared and says his real name is Spencer. He warns that the boyish psychopath has spent centuries learning to inflict pain on humans.

Spencer tells his flunky Thea to sedate a mysterious woman locked in a box. The other flunky Blake shows him the security tape of Hatake killing his mother Constance Sutton. He then watches as Alan tells the others his plan to destroy the virus.

Tulok warns Balleseros to stay away from his sister. He says that if Balleseros really cares about Anana he should leave before he hurts her.
Hatake's kids work together to fix the snow plow. Julia offers to be a sister to Miksa but he tells her he is content with the one he has in Anana.
Hatake tells Alan that his plan is too risky and Spencer is too smart for it. He says he developed the virus with good intentions, to give immortality to all of humanity. Alan tells him that wasn't his choice to make. They go outside and call up a column with a metal cylinder resembling the kind that holds the virus when Spencer arrives. He reaches for the decoy cylinder and Hatake throws it on the ground. Thea bends down to pick it up but she falls into a chasm that opens beneath her.

Back inside Blake questions why Sutton let Hatake in her room in the first place. She rewinds the video so she and Spencer can hear the two talking about Hatake's daughter. Spencer tells his lackey to do some research on the daughter.

Hatake, Miksa, Alan and Julia take the elevator down. It stops and the lights go out. When they come back on Julia has disappeared. Hatake says that Spencer has her now.

In the bunker Sarah checks in the fridge and sees the virus still there. Peter enters and says he's worried that the group has been gone too long. After the remaining three have returned they get a note along with one of Julia's fingers. Hatake Hatake wants to face Spencer alone and Alan agrees, but Miksa does not. He makes a plan to use knockout gas. Alan and Peter volunteer to go in the ducts and open the vent. Hatake leaves to turn on the gas after telling Daniel that he wishes he had been a better father.
When Anana finds out what her brother did she yells and throws things at him. She says that Tulok and Miksa are both wrong about Balleseros.
Julia wakes up with an explosive collar around her neck. Spencer tells her that the bomb will go off if she tries to take it off or makes any sudden movements.

Sarah defends Hatake to Daniel, saying he must have had good intentions for kidnapping him. After she walks away Daniel looks at the fridge holding the Narvik. Sarah gives a motivational speech to the extras and when she turns around finds Miksa and the virus gone. He goes to Spencer and tells him that he has what the little jerk wants.

In the vents Alan finds Peter's shrine to Julia and he says he doesn't remember making it. They open the vent after a bonding session but Hatake doesn't turn on the gas. Instead he goes to face Spencer, who forces him to beg on his knees for Julia's life. Hatake complies then Spencer reveals both Julia and Miksa with bombs on their necks, forcing him to choose between them. Daniel takes the choice out his father's hands and pulls at his collar after telling Hatake that he loves him. Hatake runs at Spencer in rage. Alan and Peter arrive and hold Spencer while Hatake turns off Julia's collar. In a another room Blake opens the mystery box revealing Julia's mother who she thought was dead.

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