‘Homeland’ actor James Rebhorn dies at 65

By Elaine Alluin,

Actor James Rebhorn who plays Claire Danes father on the show Homeland has passed away.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the 65-year-old actor died on Friday at his home.

TMZ added that the cause of death was due to a long battle of skin cancer. Rebhorn’s wife Rebecca said that the late actor was diagnosed with melanoma in 1992. The actor was receiving treatments since he was told about his skin condition.

Rebhorn’s agent, Dianne Busch, released a statement to E! Online regarding his death.

"He had been at home receiving hospice care for the last two weeks. His family was with him. He will be greatly missed," said Busch.

Rebhorn has been in the acting business for over five decades. He has been featured in an array of television shows, films, and on stage productions. Two of his most notable performances are from USA’s White Collar as he plays the role of Special Agent Reese Hughes and on Seinfeld where he portrayed the role of a district attorney.

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