Hugh Jackman's stalker released from prision

By Victoria Greene,

The stalker of actor Hugh Jackman has been released from prison after serving nearly a year behind bars.

According to ABC News, California native Katherine Thurston, 46, was freed Wednesday following a year-long stint in jail. In April 2013, Thurston followed the X-Men star to his Manhattan gym, snuck inside, and threw a hair-filled electric razor at him.

On March 4, Thurston admitted to burglary, stalking, and harassment in exchange for probation and six months in prison. She has served nearly half of the agreed prison term because was unable to post the $50,000 bail.

On Thursday morning, a New York City judge was supposed to give Thurston to five year’s probation, but the judge is waiting until Thurston is able to obtain a plane or bus ticket back to California, according to The New York Daily News.

Court is adjourned until Tuesday if Thurston is able to book her travels by then.

As part of her release condition, Thurston must stay away from Jackman and stay on her medication.

There has been no word from Hugh Jackman’s camp.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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