Injured otter terrorizes fast food restaurant in Norway

By Michelle Kapusta,

An otter made its way into a fast-food restaurant in Norway and went absolutely nuts.

According to the Independent, the marine mammal went on rampage and started terrorizing the customers and wreaking havoc while inside Skippy’s Fast Food in Alesund, Norway.

"We did not know what kind of animal it was. I have never seen an animal like that in my life," said owner Mohamed Rashed. "I was terrified it was going to attack."

The animal was bloody and wounded, injuries it may have sustained from a boat propeller. The fact that the otter was injured and in an unfamiliar environment may have caused it to run amok throughout the burger joint.

The Daily Meal reported that a wildlife officer was called to the scene and tried to catch the otter in a dog carrier, but the mammal wanted no parts of that and bit the officer’s finger in protest.

“I didn’t have any gloves, so when I put the otter inside the dog cage, it decided to start eating one of my fingers,” the officer said. “It was not a serious injury, but it was quite strong in the jaws. I had a tetnus shot just after the bite, so it’s OK.”

Unfortunately for the otter things were not OK and it had to be put down because of the severity of its injuries.



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