Innocent man accused of five different robberies, spends time in jail

By Morgan Cox,

A Texas man has been wrongfully accused of five different robberies and endured situations with the county jail that he should have never had to go through. Gilford Beatty, a resident of Houston, Texas, spent six days in jail, was fired from his job, and spent $15,000 on bail and an attorney.

According to Yahoo! News, Beatty received a phone call informing him that there were warrants out for his arrest. The bonding company explained that the warrants were for two felony charges of aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. He paid the bail for the crimes, but not long after, Beatty was charged with two more robberies, with another one shortly after.

Beatty was being accused of robbing mobile phone stores that he had been near, causing him to appear on the surveillance video.

A copy of Beatty's license was placed in the photo lineup and ended up being the chosen photo by victims of the robbery at each investigation.

“…he was really ducking down so we didn't really see his full-figured face," one victim explained.

"There were so many pictures in the lineup it was hard. I told the detective it was closest to what I saw," another victim said.

The Inquisitr reports that luckily for Beatty, detectives soon became aware of his innocence. According to investigations, Beatty was not present at the mobile store when one of the robberies took place. Instead, he was at the jail, paying his bond for the first robbery he had been accused of. After discovering this, investigators began further research on Beatty and discovered he was at least ten miles away form the scene of each robbery during the crimes after checking his phone records.

Beatty is obviously very upset over the incident and wrongful accusations.

“My family was scared; pain, suffering, everything, it just breaks you down," he said.

The person who committed the robberies has not yet been arrested. Investigators are still on the search for the person responsible for the crimes.



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