iPhone 6 rumors suggest it could be coming in bigger sizes

By Francisco Flores,

Apple is preparing to launch the iPhone 6 this year.

According to LAPTOP, Apple is planning to release the iPhone 6 in two sizes to compete with larger Android handheld devices. The successful mobile phone is said to come in a 4.7 inch model and a larger 5.5 inch model to accommodate users who want bigger screens.

In predictable Apple fashion, the company has kept quiet, and will remain in silence, until the device is revealed. Though there is no date set for a keynote from Apple, they will more than likely reveal the newest iPhone through the presentation, as they have done with every major iPhone.

Along with a bigger screen, Forbes is also reporting that the new iPhone will come with a sapphire screen instead of the traditional glass screen.

The heavy-duty coating is used as a transparent shield on army vehicles. It is also currently used on the iPhone 5 as a protector for the camera lens and the fingerprint sensor for the iPhone 5S. Be on the lookout for the official announcement from Apple this summer!

Image: Getty Images/ John Lamb



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