Italian man sentenced to 20 years for acid attack on girlfriend

By Michelle Kapusta,

An Italian lawyer was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Saturday for hiring men to throw acid in his girlfriend’s face.

According to the New York Daily News, Luca Varani ordered the attack on Lucia Annibali because she was about to leave him after learning that he gotten another woman pregnant.

Varani hired two men to do his dirty work and attack his girlfriend by throwing acid on her. The attack took place on April 16.

Reports also surfaced that Varani previously tampered with a gas cooker at her home to cause an “accident.”

The Associated Press noted that the acid badly burned and disfigured Annibali’s face and she became a symbol in the fight against violence towards women.

She has undergone several surgeries since the attack.

Varani confessed to hiring the men and received the 20-year sentence by a judge in Pesaro. The two men he hired each received 14 years for their part in the attack.



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