Italian mother arrested for stabbing her three children to death

By Rebecca Walezak,

A mother out of Italy has been arrested for the murder of her three children.

Authorities in Lecco, a city in Northern Italy, arrested Ediira Dobrusci, 37, after she confessed to stabbing her three daughters to death. According to the Associated Press, the police were initially notified when a neighbor saw the woman who appeared to be very confused.

The three girls’ bodies were found Sunday morning. Dobrusci was arrested shortly after. It was reported that the mother had recently divorced from her husband and did not have a job. Police were able to track Dobrusci’s now ex-husband in Albania to tell him what had happened.

Authorities are still investigating a motive behind killing the three girls, but believe it had much to do with her recent divorce.

“There were economic difficulties, but not serious enough to justify this,” police officer Rocco Italiano stated.

The family had been living in Italy for the last 13 to 14 years.

According to Daily Mail, Dobrusci repeatedly said she was in a “desperate situation.”



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