Jake Bugg disses 'American Idol,' sees boost in sales after performance

By Francisco Flores,
The UK born singer is not afraid to tell it like it is

It seems that Jake Bugg is somewhat ungrateful for his appearance on American Idol.

The UK born singer appeared on last week’s results show as the first artist in a new segment for the show. Each week, the judges will choose an artist to showcase, helping them get exposure in a booming music market.

Bugg was the first artist chosen by Keith Urban to perform on American Idol. He gained plenty of attention after his performance, giving him a boost in music sales and exposure in the U.S.

It seems, though, that Bugg is unhappy with the way American Idol sends their contestants home. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bugg recently spoke with BBC Newsbeat and said that American Idol was a “dream smasher.”

Considering that Idol is now in its 13th season, it is no secret how the show works. Apart from that, there are other versions of the show throughout the world that have the same format for eliminating constants. After all, it is a competition show. One way or another, people must be eliminated to find a winner.

Bugg gets to have his cake and eat it too. According to Billboard, his latest album, Shangri La saw a 551 percent increase in sales after the performance on American Idol.

image courtesy of Wikimedia Common



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