Jason Collins will stay with the Nets for the rest of the season

By Lamarana Diallo ,

The Brooklyn Nets have signed backup center Jason Collins on for the rest of the season. Collins has had two 10-day contracts since the trade deadline.

According to CBS Sports, Collins played in eight Nets games this season after signing with the team in February.

Collins, 34, commented on the news, saying, “It’s cool. Thank you to the Nets organization, coaches and players, the team is playing really well right now, and I’m glad to continue here,” notes ESPN.

The Nets signed the big man to help the team out defensively. Sources told ESPN that the Nets expected to keep Collins for the whole season right when he agreed to the 10-day deal.

Collins made history as the first openly gay athlete in American sports. After Collins' first game with the Nets, fans showed support by making his jersey a top-seller.

“We always focused on basketball. We let you guys do all the other stuff. But having him on the team was always about basketball,” said Nets head coach Jason Kidd.

So far, Collins has played 78 minutes with six rebounds and six steals.

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