Jason Segel slims down for upcoming film Sex Tape

By Elise Gabriele,

How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel lost a significant amount of weight for his role in this summer's Sex Tape alongside Cameron Diaz.

The 33-year-old actor told Us Weekly, "I've just been living healthy, exercising, eating right - no more midnight pizzas."

He added that he wanted to make a promise to himself that this time when he takes his clothes off on screen it won't be something seen as funny to the audience. Segel has bared all before in his role as Peter in the 2008 comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall and received criticism for his body.

In an interview, Segel stated that he thinks "Different characters require different body types."

According to IMDB, the summer comedy is about a married couple who wake up to discover that a sex tape they have made the night before has mysterious gone missing. The couple frantically searches for the tape, hoping it doesn't end up in someone else's hands.

The movie is set to be released July 25th.



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