Jennifer Lopez’s video for 'I Luh Ya Papi' objectifies men, goes back to 2000 Grammys dress

By Daniel S Levine,

Jennifer Lopez shows off a sense of humor in her newest music video. The single “I Luh Papi” got a nostalgic video this week, with Lopez throwing back to her iconic 2000 Grammys dress. It also takes a unique spin on today’s video world, where male artists get to objectify women. So why can’t female artists objectify men?

The video actually starts with Lopez and a couple of friends listening to a director’s pitch for the song’s video. As E! News points out, Lopez’s friends say that if Lopez was a man, there’d be no question about what the video would feature.

“Seriously, because if she was a dude, they would seriously have her up in a mansion with all these half-naked girls, or maybe even in a yacht,” one of her friends says. The other asks, “Why do men always objectify the women in every single video? Why can't we for once objectify the men?”

And that’s exactly what they do for the rest of the video. For no real reason at all, there are male models falling all over J.Lo throughout. No man in this world is wearing a shirt and Lopez even pours champagne on one guy.

At the start of the video, Lopez is seen wearing a green-print outfit that should look familiar. It’s just like the famous dress she wore at the 2000 Grammys, notes MTV. It’s certainly fitting that the video was posted on Throwback Thursday.

“I Luh Ya Papi” also features French Montana, who is the only man who gets to wear a shirt.

Warning: The video contains some offensive language

image courtesy of YouTube



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