Jimmy Fallon gives his best impersonation of Russian president Vladimir Putin, sings 'Frozen' song 'Let It Go' with a fake President Obama (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

Jimmy Fallon joked that he had exclusive footage of President Obama speaking with Russian president Vladimir Putin on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which he showed off in a skit of them discussing Russia's recent move to annex Crimea.

Fallon, as Putin, spoke with an actor playing the U.S. president, who told Putin most of the people of Russia don’t support what’s going on with the invasion of the Ukraine region.

"In Russia we have word for this. Obamacare,” said Putin, The Hollywood Reporter reports.

As they further their conversation about Obama sending John McCain over to the Ukraine, they start singing but it doesn’t compare to their rendition of Frozen’s “ Let It Go.”

President Obama tells Putin, “I have some advice for you – just let it go,” which prompts the two to break out into the Oscar-winning song.

Other highlights from the skit are Fallon making fun of Putin’s laugh and both leaders taking swigs of alcohol.

Watch the skit below:

image courtesy of YouTube screenshot



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