Jimmy Fallon's 'First Lick' with puppies and kittens is infinitely cuter than viral 'First Kiss' video

By Daniel S Levine,

Even if the viral First Kiss video actually turned out to be a commercial featuring actors and musicians, it has shown no sign of slowing down. However, Jimmy Fallon and his Tonight Show crew may have figured out a way to beat it. They came up with First Lick, which features - you guessed it - cats and dogs.

The parody, which has racked up 114,000 views already, features a pair of puppies and a pair of kittens put together. While they sometimes lick each other, one puppy starts licking himself. Another puppy decides to run in circles.

Fallon also had a dog and cat lick each other, which has interesting results. The cat seems a bit unhappy with the situation.

The original First Kiss video was made by Tatia Pilieva and is really an advertisement for Wren Studio clothing. While they may be complete strangers to each other, the people in the video are really models, actors and indie musicians.

The video was only posted on Monday and in the five days since, it has racked up 48 million views and over 28,700 comments.

image courtesy of YouTube/screenshot



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