Jimmy Kimmel tricks hipsters at SXSW with 'Lie Wittness News' segment

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
Kimmel catches the hipsters lying again

Hipsters everywhere fear being caught on Jimmy Kimmel’s “Lie Wittness News” segment, where he gets people to admit liking a band that he made up — those who were at the South by Southwest festival in Austin were not safe.

The late night crew headed over to Texas and emerged themselves in the hipster crowds who were eager to learn of new music and ready to pretend like they’ve heard of them prior to the festival. The team interviewed numerous eager “fans” to see how far they would take the lies just to “fit in,” according to The Huffington Post.

"Over 2,000 bands are playing SXSW this year – which I think is all of them," Kimmel said in the video. Neil Patrick Harassment and Contact Dermatitis are just two of the absurdly made-up bands that music fans were quick to jump on the hipster bandwagon.

The more the interviewer leads them into a pit of lies, the more uncomfortable you feel. These walk-by fans express enthusiasm and give their “honest” opinions about bands and albums that are clearly fake. One girl even expresses her interest in “DJ Heavy Flow” and admits she’s only heard a few songs of hers, off of the fake album The Toxic Shock Experience, as reported by, Rolling Stone.

One male sporting a Brooklyn Nets hat was asked if he enjoys how a certain act takes baths on stage and he responds “yeah to be honest, it’s real creative.” Its amazing what people will lie about, and what they will believe. If you ever hear someone say “I’ve heard snippets of it,” beware— that appears to be hipsters' go-to phrase.

Watch the lies commence here:

Photo Courtesy of >Wikimedia Commons



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