J.K. Rowling explains the history of Quidditch in new Pottermore story

By Daniel S Levine,

J.K. Rowling may have finished telling the story of Harry Potter, but that doesn’t mean that she’s done with the wizarding world she created. In her latest story to flesh out the history of this universe, she has explained the background of Quidditch, the most popular game among the magic community.

The story was posted on Pottermore, the interactive online Harry Potter world Rowling launched in April 2012. According to MTV News, the 2,400 word story is the first of two parts that will delve into the history of Quidditch.

The game is played with teams of wizards and witches on brooms and has a complicated scoring system. Today’s piece revealed that the game has a 19-volume rulebook that goes over every possibility, including a ban on dragons. Rowling also detailed several scandals that hurt the game over the centuries.

The Guardian reports that the second post will go over the detailed rules in the Quidditch World Cup rulebook.

While Rowling also works on her career as the author of adult novels, she is also working on a franchise for Warner Bros. that will go over the magical creatures in the wizarding universe.

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