John Travolta speaks out for the first time since Oscars 'Adele Dazim' mishap

By Gina DiFalco,

John Travolta has finally spoken out about his mishap at the 86th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday, when he called Broadway star Idina Menzel “Adele Dazim.”

It made for one of the most buzzed about moments of the night and Travolta admitted he’s been kicking himself for it.

"I've been beating myself up all day," he told E! News in a statement. "Then I thought...What would Idina Menzel say? She'd say, 'Let it go, let it go!' Idina is incredibly talented and I am so happy Frozen took home two Oscars Sunday night!"

As we previously reported, the Be Cool actor completely butchered Menzel’s name while introducing her performance of the song “Let It Go” from the Oscar-winning movie Frozen.

The name Adele Dazim even had a Twitter account named after it, which has since been suspended.

Menzel, herself, hasn’t publicly commented on the mishap but sources told E! she "laughed it off" after it happened and even thought it was "so funny."

image courtesy of ABC



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