Jon Favreau back to ‘Swingers’ style filmmaking for ‘Chef’

By Andrew Wilson,

After helming the first Iron Man, Jon Favreau is going back to his roots for his new indie film Chef, making its debut at this year’s South by Southwest Festival.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Favreau about Chef, which the 47-year-old wrote, directed, co-produced and stars in. It follows a divorced Los Angeles chef who quits his job, then explores America in search of his culinary mojo.

In the interview the filmmaker states, “Not every beat is being sold for laughs. The beats are about character and emotion -- I never have to push anything further than I want to. When you’re going for a big studio comedy, the joke tally better be pretty high and you better have some big comedy set pieces."

Favreau added, "That was one of the issues when I was trying to get Swingers made for the first time, which is that there weren’t any broad comedy set pieces. It’s more comedy that comes out of being emotionally attached to the characters."

Not surprisingly, Favreau has a "who’s who" of A-listers on board for the comedy, including fellow Iron Man cast mates Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., along with Sofia Vergara and Dustin Hoffman.

Chef is set to headline the Friday, March 7, opening of the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. On the film making its debut at the festival, Favreau stated that SXSW is “outside the system” and said, “I think the personality of the festival matches the personality of the film.”

The film is also going to be featured in the Spotlight category of films at the upcoming Tribeca film festival.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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