Juan Pablo Galavis gets harassed during a club appearance in Atlantic City

By Lamarana Diallo ,

It’s safe to say Juan Pablo isn’t the most popular Bachelor.

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According to Us Weekly, a woman threw a drink in Pablo’s face during his appearance at the Harrah’s Resort Pool After Dark party in Atlantic City.

The woman shouted, “F**king douche bag!” Security then grabbed the woman and escorted her out.

Animosity towards Pablo started as soon as he entered the venue and grabbed the mic to greet partygoers.

Pablo was booed by the crowd and was even harassed as he sat in the VIP section, notes E! News.

Pablo was moved to a private cabana where hecklers couldn’t get close to him. The controversial Bachelor didn’t let the partygoers' actions ruin his night.

Nikki Ferrell, the woman who Pablo chose at the end of The Bachelor, joined him later on in the night. The couple enjoyed a few drinks and kisses before leaving the club at 2:45 a.m.

During the final rose ceremony, Pablo did not propose to Ferrell or tell Ferrell he loved her. Instead, Pablo opted to say "I like you. A lot."



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