Judge Joe Brown held in contempt of court, jailed for five days for intense courtroom argument

By Gina DiFalco,

Judge Joe Brown was arrested and put in jail in Memphis, Tennessee on Monday by Juvenile Court Magistrate Harold "Hal" Horne for contempt of court.

The former television judge, 66, got into an argument and became "pretty raucous" and "challenged the authority” in doing so, which landed him behind bars for five days.

Chief Magistrate Dan Michael, who witnessed the intense argument, said Judge Brown was in court to represent a child support case but he was not happy to find out it was delayed. Michael told CNN everyone there was "all kind of floored" by his behavior.

Judge Brown had apparently been held in contempt five times before he finally agreed to leave the courtroom. He was then booked at Memphis' Shelby County jail, where he was formerly a Shelby County criminal judge, Us Weekly reports.

Brown’s long-running Judge Joe Brown was canceled last year after 15 years on air. Last month, he announced he was submitting himself as a candidate for the Shelby County district attorney position.



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