Justin Bieber combative with lawyer in deposition (Video)

By Kyle Johnson,

Justin Bieber was combative and uncooperative during a deposition last week, especially when Selena Gomez was brought up.

The deposition focused around a lawsuit filed by a photographer, Jeffrey Binion, who claims the pop singer ordered his bodyguards to beat him up, reports CNN.

Clips of some of the questions directed at Bieber have been posted on TMZ.

The whole deposition was quite hostile as Bieber was anything but cooperative while dealing with Binion's lawyer Mark DiCowden. Things went south when questions regarding Gomez crop up.

Bieber's lawyer tries to head the questions off in one clip, asking their relevance, before DiCowden finally asks if the "Baby" singer ever discussed photogs when he was with Gomez.

The singer refuses to answer saying, "Don't ask me about her again" numerous times and noting "I don't have to listen to anything you have to say."

TMZ notes Bieber acts openly contemptuous about the whole situation and getting answers from the singer is akin to pulling teeth. At one point, Bieber points out DiCowden's questioning is something 60 Minutes or Katie Couric would do.

One short clip:

image courtesy of ABC



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