Justin Bieber's hit song 'Baby' used to raise money for orphans

By Morgan Cox,

A high school in Washington state has raised more than $900 for charity in a very interesting way. Student government president Connor Stakelin had the idea to blast Justin Bieber's song "Baby" on repeat between classes until the students raised $500 to donate to an orphanage in Ghana.

According to Daily Mail, it didn't take long for the students of Tenino High School to raise the money after the project began on Monday. They raised $915.64 by the first class period on Tuesday morning.

The Independent noted that the initial fund-raising goal was $1,200, but Stakelin gave into the madness and stopped the torture when the students had raised $500.

"The school is called Crossover International Academy. It helps kids that don’t have meals, they don’t even have a bed to lie on at night and in their school they don’t even have more than one piece of paper per day," said Stakelin about the orphanage in Ghana.

Money raised by the Washington State high school is said to be enough to provide food and school supplies for the orphanage in Ghana to last throughout the month of April.

Image: ABC



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