Katy Perry reveals she wasn't expecting her kiss with Miley Cyrus

By Alesandria Posada,

Recently, Katy Perry lip-locked with singer Miley Cyrus during one of her Bangerz concerts, and Perry reveals the kiss was more than she wanted.

According to E! News, the “Dark Horse” singer appeared on Sunrise, an Australian morning talk show, to talk about her upcoming tour when the interview turned to her kiss with Miley.

“I just walked up to her to give her like a friendly girly kiss, you know, as girls do and then she like tried to move her head and go deeper and I pulled away,” Katy revealed.

“God knows where that tongue has been,” she added jokingly, “We don’t know! That tongue is so infamous!”

Katy isn’t the only girl Miley has been kissing. According to International Business Times, she has also kissed Victoria’s Secret model Cara Delevingne where the picture was tweeted to Miley’s followers. The “We Can’t Stop” singer was also spotted kissing a back up dancer at Britney Spears Las Vegas concert and kissed one of her own fans while on tour, along with sharing a kiss with Brooke Candy.

What do you think of Miley’s girl lip-locks?

image courtesy of ABC



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