Kenyan president labels Lupita Nyong'o as 'pride of Africa'

By Amanda Levine,

This year at the Oscars, the most touching story of success has to go to the beautiful Kenyan actress Luptia Nyong’o. She took home the Best Supporting Actress award for 12 Years a Slave. Not only is she admired by the Academy and audiences, but especially by her home land of Nairobi, Kenya.

The President of Kenya himself, Uhuru Kenyatta, even sent out a tweet that labeled Nyong’o as ‘the pride of Africa.’

ABC News reported that Kenyatta praised Nyongo’s parents as well for their involvement in her life and her success.

“Excellence inspires and deserves emulation," Kenyatta said. "Lupita reminds us of all that is possible for the youth of this nation when they set their hearts and minds to a great task — in her own words, ‘No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.’ We, their parents, must take these words to heart; ours is to help our young people fulfill their potential,"

Although in the past Kenyans typically haven’t embraced the arts, Kenya will now make it a priority to promote performing arts because of the success that Nyong’o has reached. The Associated Press reported that Kenyatta has stated that Kenyans will have funding and access to artistic projects.

David Opondoe, the managing director at Kenya-based Phoenix Players, has stated that, "It shows that there is so much talent, only that the opportunities are not there."

"It's time for parents and government to see that this is not a pastime," Opondoe continued. "It's something you can do professionally and bring glory."

Kenyatta has also stated that he wants to create more opportunities and will establish a new Kenya film school, because of the success of one talented woman, Nyong’o.

Image courtesy of ABC



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