Kevin Bacon does 'Footloose' dance on 'Tonight Show' (video)

By Joy Perrone,

Thirty years after Footloose, Kevin Bacon proved he's still got the moves during a skit on The Tonight Show.

Jimmy Fallon opened The Tonight Show Friday night by declaring that dancing was now outlawed, which fans of Footloose will remember as being part of the original plot.

He then goes to introduce Kevin Bacon, star of X-Men: First Class and The Following, and the camera pans to Bacon in his dressing room, hearing the news of the no-dancing law. Distressed, Kevin Bacon reprises Footloose's Ren McCormack's trademark acrobatic dance moves.

He does flips on a smoky stage, shakes his hips, and is later joined by a gaggle of women as they dance their way over to Fallon.

The New York Daily News reports that 55-year-old Bacon was on the late-night talk show to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of Footloose, which premiered in 1984.

Bacon recently did a funny mock PSA talking about the 1980's, the decade in which he became famous.

Thanks to Bacon's smooth moves, Fallon was forced to tear up the no-dancing law and the day was saved.

Photo: NBC



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