Kevin Bacon explains how hard the ‘80s were to Millennials (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

Kevin Bacon knows a thing or two about the ‘80s and he’s sharing his immense fountain of knowledge with Millennials. For the star of Fox’s The Following, it is important that everyone born after 1985 understand how hard life was back then.

Bacon shares a tough story about asking a girl out, which required him to look up her number in the White Pages and wait for her to pick up. When she finally did, she turned him down and there was no way to just “swipe away the hurt.”

His favorite app is actually the Rubik's Cube. He also says that Russia is nowhere near as frightening now as it was during the Cold War. “You couldn't even skate to a Blockbuster without getting nuked.” (Really? What’s a ‘Blockbuster’ again?)

The video for Mashable has already been seen over 150,000 times after being posted on Monday. After you watch it, you’ll wish you had parachute pants.

The Following, which just got renewed, airs on Mondays.

image courtesy of Fox



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