Kim Novak's face subject to Twitter banter, strikes debate on women in Hollywood

By Gina DiFalco,

Actress Kim Novak was barely recognizable at the Oscars on Sunday, which caused Twitter users to point out how different she looks.

Novak, best known for her role in 1958’s Vertigo, presented the awards for Best Animated Short Film and Best Animated Feature Film with Best Actor winner Matthew McConaughey.

The 81-year-old actress’ face didn’t move much as she delivered her lines from the teleprompter, Hollywoodlife reports.

Many poked fun at the fact that the winner of one of the awards she was presenting was Frozen.

Others took to Twitter to point out the snarky nature of the comments on Novak’s face.

The blog, Self-Styled Siren, points out the much talked about debate of women in media, saying Novak was forced to become obsessed with the way she looked because of the media’s emphasis on youth. Novak was considered a sex symbol for most of her life, so she likely did everything she could to remain youthful looking ahead of the ceremony.

image courtesy of ABC



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