Kiss signs merchandising deal with new company

By Andrew Wilson,

The brand that is Kiss already has thousands of products under their belt, built to fit every part of life. Kiss now signed a multi-year deal with the one-year old company Epic Rights for even more licensing of products and brand management.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Epic Rights may be a young start up but the man behind the curtain, Dell Furano, has actually been working with Kiss for over two decades through different companies, most recently Live Nation.

"We go back a long way,” Kiss frontman Paul Stanley said, “and what we have built over time in terms of short speak and understanding what each can do and what we can do in collaboration is something that you don’t take lightly.”

Blabbermouth.net noted that several close to the band, including longtime manager Doc McGhee, and the band’s attorney of over 20 years, think the marriage of the Epic Rights and Kiss are a perfect match.

The future Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame inductees announced recently a summer tour with Def Leppard, and lead singer Paul Stanley has an autobiography coming out April 8.



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