Kobe Bryant is not placing his bets on Justin Bieber's career

By Chelsea Lewis ,

NBA superstar, Kobe Bryant, does not want to place his bets on Justin Bieber and his music career. Bryant has a bet going with a friend about who's career would last longer, Katy Perry or Justin Bieber.

The bet was explained in a feature that was printed in the New Yorker. It was explained that Bryan has his money down on Perry to have a much longer career compared to the young pop superstar. Bryant's friend who is also involved in this bet is a big fan of Bieber and is supporting the singer, even after his very public arrest in Miami.

The NBA star believes that Bieber's latest behavior will ultimately lead to the downfall of his career. Actions like getting arrested and his downward spiral are providing more ammo to Bryant's theory.

Bryant and Bieber have a lot in common, both had come into fame in the early years of their lives. Bryant skipped college and entered right in the NBA. His fame and career has lasted for many years. The basketball player recently turned 35 and is taking time to reflect and look back on his career choices, USA Today added.



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