Kristin Cavallari says she can’t wait to give birth to her second baby

By Amy Michura,

Kristin Cavallari, known for being on the reality show The Hills, spoke with Us Weekly on March 2 about her second pregnancy.

Cavallari and her husband, Jay Cutler, will be expecting their second baby boy in two months and she can’t wait.

“I feel like I have a bowling ball in my stomach,” Cavallari said at Elton John’s Oscars viewing party to Us Weekly.

The former reality star revealed that she’s been working out during her pregnancy, but not going too crazy with it. She explained that she’s been doing workout videos in her home, with a lot of squats and lunges. Mainly she’s been trying to target her legs and butt, while eating as she normally does.

“I crave sweet things, but it’s no different than when I’m not pregnant,” Cavallari revealed. “I pretty much have dark chocolate every day because I don’t think it’s bad for you, and we get this coconut bliss ice cream made with coconut milk.”

She shared that she likes to indulge with the coconut ice cream. Additionally, she shared that when they eat out, they always get dessert, as they both have a sweet tooth.

That wasn’t the only detail she spilled about her husband, she also said how eager he is for the baby to arrive.

“He had been wanting kids since I met him,” Cavallari said, “So he’s really excited.”

Image courtesy of NBC



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