Kylie Minogue calls Miley Cyrus a 'scapegoat' for pop music, says reaction to her raunchiness is a double standard

By Gina DiFalco,

Kylie Minogue is coming to the defense of pop star Miley Cyrus, saying she’s hardly the first young artist to parade around in skimpy outfits and exhibit shocking behavior. She also said there’s a double standard when it comes to the lifestyle of a musician.

Minogue, 45, said she admires people like the “We Can’t Stop” singer, 21, and Rihanna, 26, who are “unapologetic” about what they do and who they are.

"Is it too much? It depends on what your personal taste is. But she's definitely a scapegoat for what might be happening in the broader sense in pop music,” Minogue told Sky News.

"Let's not forget, there's always been sex, drugs and rock and roll. But the guys seem to get away with it,” she added.

Minogue released her first album back in 1988, so she’s a veteran in the music industry and has seen people come and go.

She admitted her lifestyle is hard to relate to, and she gets pretty lonely sometimes.

"I definitely have moments where I'm even quite morose. Everyone has to do it; you have to go down sometimes,” she explained. "I can feel quite lonely, even if my family was round I think my job and my lifestyle is not something that everyone can relate to."

Entertainmentwise reports her new album, Kiss Me Once, will be available next week.

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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